Declaration Of Intention on creation of The Entente

Day 755, 16:15 Published in France France by Entente Cordiale
Aspiring peace and prosperity for the Member Nations,
The governments and peoples of the three countries signed below
Declare the bonds of eternal friendship and mutual assistance
And create The Entente, a defensive military alliance.

The founding states, France, Italy and Ukraine agree to adhere to the following principles of the Entente:

The Member Nations of the Entente are free to participate in any military campaign of other countries and alliances unless and until such campaign is directly aimed against any Member Nation of the Entente.

Whenever integrity or sovereignty of any Member Nation of the Entente is under threat, all other Member Nations shall abandon any other campaigns and shall fully dedicate their efforts to protect their fellow Member State.

The Entente shall envisage two tiers of commitment:

"Core" Member Nations shall not join any other military alliances (however, they may act as associates in their military campaigns) and shall coordinate their decision-making of the Entente in the peacetime (i.e. when no war against any Member Nation of the Entente is active).

States of the second tier of commitment to the Entente are members of the League of Entente and may also be members to Eden/Phoenix or other blocs. However, whenever any Entente's Member Nation (regardless of its tier of commitment) is attacked, the "core" Member Nations shall declare the mobilization and all Member Nations of the Entente become equal in the decision-making and shall commit to defense of the Member Nation under attack.

This is the Declaration of Intention signed by the Presidents of all the Founding Nations. The official Contract is to follow and shall be subject to approval by the congress members of the respective Member Nations. Additionally, France shall complete its withdrawal from the PEACE GC.

In the meantime, we are inviting the Presidents and representatives of other neutral states who share the intentions and principles of the Entente to join this Declaration.


President of France
Luke Magitem

President of Italy

President of Ukraine
Vigil Vox