The Current Events

Day 755, 14:29 Published in Japan Japan by Vicki Keahi

Well President Dokomo has done it, and I've awoken to find Kyushu nice and blue under the control of the eUSA. Before I begin let me state that I have been against this retreat from the begining. The era of eJapanese not picking a permanent side has gone and we live with the threat of Russian invasion because of it. I think the president has made one of the stupidest or self serving decisions out there.

However, I find the ideas being thrown around very dangerous. To go so far as some of the accusations against President Dokomo sound to be on the side of ludicrious. The fact iRL he's from the US should mean nothing as I myself am from the RL US, but still have loyalties to eJapan. Whether that translates I don't know, but the fact of the matter is that we don't know.

And before we fly off the handle we need to remember that elections will be arriving soon. ANd that will be the real test of whether or not Dokomo and the Godzilla party are (As they've stated) done what the majority of Japanese desire. If they are correct, which I think they aren't, but if they are. They will be reelected in a landslide.

If they are wrong, then the voters will kick them out in the same manner we kicked out the old govenrment. Remember that you are the ones in power, vote your opinions in the election by supproting or condemning Dokomo. DOn't throw out accusations. Either keep him there or kick the bum out as I attempt to do.

So lets take a breather and try to do the best we can for our nation no matter how the politicians may mismanage it.