New feature: Personal Trainers

Day 752, 09:45 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Some of you may already know Lana, who is going to be the eRepublik army adviser, willing to help you improve your military strength. Only if you like the idea of listening to her advices every day, of course 🙂 Anyway, the first request she had was to rename the “Army” section into “Training Grounds”. Training grounds, not playing grounds!

Lana is a good girl happy to help, but the New World has also been enriched with Personal Trainers. These army specialists can boost your strength gain everyday, if you choose to have a training session with one of them. By doing it, you will get a higher boost in addition to the standard strength increase. This is good news which we are sure everybody is enthusiastic about. New players now have a chance to “catch” up with the older players (it is not very motivating to keep dealing 15-20 damage and see "tanks" dealing 450 damage). Older players know that this will keep the “babies” motivated and will therefore help their country prosper.

The help from the great army leaders does not come for free, as a fee is taken each time you choose advanced training. We really can't blame them, otherwise we would have just increased the strength gain for everybody. You can spend your stockpiled GOLD to prepare for the upcoming war module. In theory, if someone used the full-booster in just 4 months they could turn from a “baby” to a strong enough soldier to be called a war-god, if this is your preferred part of the game.

Now we are entering a 7 days split-test. What is this? It's a test period that we will use to analyze several variables of the concept, so that we come up with the final version that offers you the best experience. During this period some of you will only see Lana and one personal trainer, while others will see Lana and more personal trainers, as well as some other differences.

Another thing that we would like to announce is that we are introducing a Captcha system for working and training. Don't worry, it's not going to be annoying. It will appear only a couple of times during your journey in eRepublik. The addition was made in order to keep away some unfriendly New World bots we spotted.

The eRepublik team