Congradulations Mr. President, Now We'll Impeach You

Day 748, 17:01 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

Oh those sneaky, sly, and oh so two faced Swiss Librals. Aren't they just so sincere? Nearly 2 days after Nicktheh won the Presidential Elections in switzerland in an almost landslide vote, the congressionally dominent party, The Swiss Libral Party proposes an impeachment on our new President. Talk about Democracy huh?

Well it is no surprise to me really, I mean these guys have been pretty much dominating politics here in Switzerland for some time now, and suddenly they lose the most important election? WHAT?!?

Here is where the bullsh*t starts to smell. Leaders of the Swiss Libral Party claim that these actions are not officially the party's intentions, and that they do not formally support it in anyway. This was a good response to the many questions being thrown at them, it really explains why a majority of their party voted in favor of the impeachment. Way to fail at being sincere, you are discreditted.
I think they need to live with the fact that Ilestis lost the election fair and square. Tell me this isn't about just that? It is too obvious, you can defend your stance on the issue. This impeachment is but nothing other than the loss of power the SLP is now facing. They are upset that Nicktheh proved he has a larger prick. That is all politics are anyway, nothing other than prick waving. Why else would you try to impeach what appears to be a teenage President from fairly winning the election is clearly not corrupt in anyway, and certainly hasn't broken any laws? Why? Because you are self concious about the size of your prick.
War is the same damn thing, people get pissed off about their small dicks compared to the other guys, and decide or conclude that the only way to solve the problem is to kill the other guys. EDEN vs Phoenix, same thing. The guys at Phoenix obviously have really small dicks and want to wipe EDEN off the face of the Earth for waving their larger pricks at them. In our case the solution is to impeach the guy....

How Awkward?

Anyway, don't take this seriously, it is just political satire. But setiously, the whole fiasco about the prick waving is true, just ask George Carlin. Only problem is that he is dead....

Thank you all 😛 and have a happy holiday season!!!