Interesting national goals

Day 748, 09:43 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

Over the weekend we had presidential elections going on, which were a bit different than the previous ones. The introduction of National Goals added a whole new dimension to electoral campaigns, by offering politicians the opportunity to jump from the “words are just words” school of thought, to “words are actions”. This was a powerful tool, as around 80% of the elected presidents had set goals which now are national. The list of newly elected Presidents can be found here .

Of course, while we had prudent and realistic candidates, we also had candidates promising to build bridges where there are no rivers 🙂 Well, this adds a bit of variety to elections, doesn't it?

Spain seemed to enjoy uncertainty and emotions, the main two candidates achieving 1367 (Durruti) and 1336 (Ballantines) votes at the end of elections; close call! The USA elected the candidate promising to conquer UK regions while Russia handed the power to the candidate promising to conquer North Korean soil.Australians trust their leader to defeat Indonesia and conquer several South African regions, which would be a great surprise as Australia was once entirely under Indonesian occupation. Many other interesting goals have been turned into national goals as well; you can check them yourself.

But the most interesting situation was in the Hungarian elections. The candidate promising to bring Romanian soil under Hungarian occupation for the first time in eRepublik history won the elections, by a large margin. This is not surprising, as many Hungarians have thought about war against Romania for a long time. If this attack does take place, Romanians will have a tough job defending their homeland, as Hungary is one of the biggest military powers of the New World right now.

What can we say, other than we have an interesting month ahead! Let's see how things evolve, now that a new alliance has arisen, PHOENIX. The mythological bird, rising up from the ashes of PEACE.

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The eRepublik Team