Lady President takes office - UPDATED CABINET!

Day 747, 02:41 Published in South Africa South Africa by Ines Schumacher

Thanks to all eSouth Africans who voted in the election, I'm honoured to be elected to serve another term as president and your representative.

First of all, I need to announce my cabinet. There are two positions still left to fill. Please send me your applications. If you're interested in helping out in any of the ministries, just send the appointed minister/director a PM and see if they can use some help.

Vice President Mark Morcom
Mark and I have known each other roughly since the time we both started playing. He's a real life South African who is very dedicated to the country and has a lot of experience to give. The main experience he can give to this position is his military know-how and I'm looking forward to working with him.

Finance Minister/Director of the RBSA Enoch Root
Will this man ever step down? I hope not. Enoch is our financial and economic genius and I'm glad to have him on board for another term.

Minister of Trade Tronyx
Tronyx is staying on for another term after a glowing report from Enoch about his capabilities and dedication. He's going to be looking after, um, trade stuff.

Director of Government Companies Ovidiusza
There isn't much to say about this epic little Meerkat apart from the fact that he manages eSA's companies well and we're glad to have him continue in this position.

Minister of Information Karl Bauer
Karl runs the South African Gold Party's media campaigns and has really impressed me with the way he's done that. It's no small part due to his hard work that SAGP is now the #1 party in eSA. I'm glad to include him in my cabinet and I'm sure he'll do a great job in this ministry.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Oceanus
I'm happy to see Oceanus resume the role of MoFA this term - he did an epic job the last time he was in this position and I'm looking forward to seeing him rejuvenate the ambassadors and our foreign relations.

Minister of Social Affairs Greyhunter
After half a term as Minister of Social Affairs, Grey has proven his resourcefulness, dedication and willingness to improvise. I'm glad to have him on for another term. As laid out in my platform, we'll be working together to allow the ministry to once again act as a proper authority for the following divisions: mentorship, eSouth Africa Health Center, education and the newly created Ministry of FUN!

Director of Mentorship Tacointern
Taco has done a great job as director of mentorship under Enoch Root and will be staying in this position to continue giving new players the guidance they need to keep playing and enjoy the game.

eSouth Africa Health Center director Frank Furglar
Even though eSAHC is depoliticised, I felt I should mention it in the cabinet announcement. Frank has agreed for eSAHC to report to the Social Affairs ministry for administrative purposes. eSAHC is an important part of the services offered by eSouth Africa and should therefore be representative of government in an administrative capacity.

Director of Education Frank Furglar
Frank has been newly appointed as the director of education. His work with eSAHC will feed into his work as education director and Grey and I are looking forward to overseeing his work in this important part of the social affairs ministry. Education will not only be centered on history this term, but also publish articles on health care, fighting and as I hear organise debates and so forth.

Director of History and Public Records Ryan Dagari
As one of our oldest assets, Ryan is taking over a new position. He will work closely with the Ministry of Education to write up articles on the history of eSouth Africa. His position makes him the overall coordinator of Wiki history and the updating of the Wiki, so if you want to get involved with that, drop him a line.

Minister of FUN! NeilP99
Despite his recent arrival on our shores, NeilP99 is already getting Phuza-faced with us. He's got tons of experience with organising fun activities both outside and inside the game and we look forward to having him inject some fun into our stuffy old bones. This is a new ministry which falls under the jurisdiction of social affairs. This ministry is responsible for promoting Phuza Thursdays, giving the population updates on our eCricket team, organising raffles to raise money for the RBSA and generally getting a community spirit going. The life of the party so to speak.

Minister of Intelligence Luc Praetor
Sadly, zamrg has decided to step down from this ministry as he won't have enough time to commit to running it this term. Unsadly (yes, it's a word now), Luc has agreed to resume his role as intelligence minister. We are facing another very real PTO threat and just as I was formerly president under our previous threat, Luc was serving as intelligence minister. We make a great team and I'm happy to have him on board again.

Director of Immigration Atliia
Atliia has had previous experience with our intelligence division and I'm sure he'll exercise very good judgement on applications. Give him a few days to settle in and then start hounding him. 🙂 This division falls under the ministry of intelligence and is vital to the safety of our country. It involves creating a new topic in the immigration forum for each new citizenship applications and making a recommendation whether or not to approve the application.

eSAAF Chief of Staff Ali Mentary
Ali is staying on for another term - he's been a real asset in our military and I'm happy to have him as part of my cabinet.

Minister of Defense Maddog Jones
Brendan E Austerion has stepped down after one term as MoD, having fulfilled all he set out to do and thanks to him for all he's done. The new MoD is Maddog Jones, who's been the ministry's deputy for a while and has now stepped up to take over this important ministry.

The Sol representatives for this term are: I'm a full representative and Oceanus, Enoch Root and Mark Morcom are advisory representatives.

Plan of action
I'm going to be sending each director and minister an outline of expectations for this term and discuss objectives with them. If one of them doesn't perform, I will be just as ruthless as Enoch and replace them. Ministries still have independence, but they do need to be accountable.

PTO threat
I have a number of plans in the pipeline to avoid us getting PTOed (again) and will work on a few things with my ministers before I let the population know. Or I may not let you guys know to protect the plan, I think it's important that you trust me in this regard, I will lead us out of this in one piece for better or for worse. It might take some drastic actions, but it will all work out in the end.

On that happy note, I thank you all again for placing your trust in me to run this country for another term.