Phoenix, the Imminent Threat To Our Well Being

Day 746, 05:39 Published in Switzerland Ireland by OogieBoogie3

As I have observed throughout the past weeks, many of PEACE's former superpowers had resigned from PEACE. People were confused, many thinking EDEN had won the war. Well it turns out my theory was correct. All of the superpowers left PEACE to drop the dead weight, by that I mean the weaker less active countries. With the price of MPPs jumping up, we should have expected it. They now run as Phoenix, and the claim to be Erepublik's most powerful alliance.

My friends I can tell you the war hasn't really started. WWIII has been dormant for some time now. There have been smaller battles around Europe against EDEN, but nothing drastic. All of this is about to change. Phoenix has every intention to eliminate Croatia & Greece at all costs. They are willing to blow as much gold as it takes to make that happen. They plan a domino effect, they will also eliminate Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, and yes probably Switzerland too. Phoenix is a very real threat to the national security of this country, and our allies are confirmed targets.

What should we do?

Now we have a few options available that need to be considered by the next administration. We could set up more MPPs within EDEN, Croatia or Poland would be a good choice if so.

We could send a diplomat to talk to Phoenix, and negotiate terms and our stance on their future operations. Try to get on their good side.

We could remain a nuetral country, and like India prolaim that we are a nuetral nation for our own protection.

Any of these options can help us, but that is the President's job. We will see how things carry out.
Good luck to you all...