They were all dead

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"The young soldier opened his eyes, bleary by blood, by tiredness. By lack of hope. Instinctively he wanted to wake up his comrades, but soon realized that he was almost alone in the trenches. Just 48 hours ago his proud unit consisted of 280 infantrymen, all of them war-gods of countless battles. But the insanity and incompetence of the old general sent them all to doubtless death. To slaughter. Flesh and bones against 40 steel tanks. Only a few escaped, including him.

The mug-dirty radio yelled between pops and cracks “Soldiers, I command you, keep hill 525 by all means!” Easy to say, harder to do. Enemies were much more organized, attacking the hill from all directions, infantry, tanks and also some air support. This was what he hated the most, the death coming from the above. Because you could not stare her in the eyes, to show your disgrace, to show her that you don't care if you die. Unseen but lethal. To feel the breath of the enemy, to see his hands shaking on the gun, this is a honorable fight. Human versus human. Machine versus machine.

The young soldier closed his eyes. He was thinking why was he here dancing with death. For whom or what was he fighting? Slowly his cold hardened face started to change. He was smiling, remembering his hometown, his family, his friends. He was here because it was his duty to fight for his country. It was his duty to die here, if needed, like his comrades.

Afar there were heavy battles around a bridge. His comrades were desperately trying to conquer the bridge, the only access path to the hill. They knew that any delay could cause their brothers, who fought with only bare hands, to be overcome by the tanks. And finally! The unmistakeable buzz of engines announced the arrival of the long-awaited air support. Pure hell unleashed upon the bridge area. Humans, tanks, aircraft were all mixed together. After two hours their enemies were defeated in spite of their harsh resistance. They had conquered the bridge! Countless units were marching over the bridge now. Some of them stood still, to defend it, and the rest rushed towards the hill.

The ones that circled became circled. You could feel their fear in the air. It was short. Merciless. They were all dead..

The army advanced, towards the next strategical point on the map. This was just one battle. The war... it never ends."

This is a war story from the upcoming war module.

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