Cozza for CP. Its time to grow great Australia.

Day 741, 22:49 Published in Australia Canada by Cozza

It’s that time of the month Australia.

Country President Election time of course. Where every Australian citizen has a chance to vote on who will lead this country, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

I know that I am that person. I have been though the good, the bad and the ugly myself.
I was in the resistance almost 1 year ago, helping to free this nation. I was there during the agreement to return Australia. I was there when we became a country again, and I could go on and on about what I have done in Australia.

Allot of my experience I learned from the legends of eAustralia. Zaney, Cottus Arci, Patti11, Tim09, Taytaz, Derek Appolyon and many many more.

I’m proud to be running for Prime Minister of Australia, to have the chance to lead this country. Not just lead the country till January Prime Minister Elections, But to a great nation. A nation where the eWorld will notice and respect us.

For to long we have been hiding in the shadows from a much powerful nation to the North. I believe it is time, for us to get outta the shadows and into the light.

Now we have that opportunity. We have a Non Aggression Pact with Indonesia for 5 months. Now is the time to act, to grow Australia from being a weak child to a strong, intelligent warrior. We must not dilly dally around during these 5 months. We must cherish them, and use it to our advantage. Use it to make friends, use it to grow strong and become the nation that we deserve to be.

And it all starts in December. Because if I win PM. I plan to use my time in office to change Australia. To set us on the path to the top of the hill.

Tomorrow, I will be releasing my Policy’s, about what I plan to do if I am elected.