313RP Manifesto. As promised.

Day 99, 13:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by AdamLazaruso

I've tried posting this as a press release, but apparently nobody can see it. So I'm doing this instead until people can see it.

It's only three days until the next General Elections, and 313RP urges you to make the right decision and vote for us! Should we be elected in, there are several policies that we'd want to implement:

Economic Policy

1) Training Academies - New, government owned feeder companies (which will always remain at Q1) will be set up which will employ all new citizens (assuming that they don't want to work somewhere else) at a reasonable wage so that their skills can be raised and they can move onto different companies. This will result in many more products being made across all industries, all while the new citizens earn the money that they would have been given upon birth. This will also help the non-government organisations to make higher quality products - there will be a lot more highly skilled employees available without the companies having to worry about paying them through their training.

2) Lowered import tax - We support a free market as trade will help relations with other nations. Of course aggressive moves like food dumping will be punished accordingly.

Health Policy

1) Gifts - Mayors will give out gifts funded by the government. We feel this will be effective and give Mayors more to do. It is up to Mayors if they take up the grants or not.

2) Hospitals - Hospitals will continue to be built as quickly as possible. Hospitals will be assigned by the Health Minister on the basis of who has the most convincing petition for one and will only be given to those with an active Mayor who has campaigned for one. After every region has a hospital, gifts will be given to every citizen with a wellness below 65 every Sunday - provided that they've worked and trained every day that week. This is to keep productivity at a high, and reward those who are contributing to society. This is in addition to the gifts that mayors will issue.

Military Policy

1) No war - Britain will not to go to war with anyone at this time. All weapons and soldiers will be used for defense against other nations. It's all well and good wanting to expand into other regions, but it's much more important that you get a strong foothold on your own. This is seen as especially important with the recent news that Norway and Sweden have formed an alliance.

2) Ministry of Defence - The Ministry of Defence will continue to run as is but a new rank will be introduced. Grunts who have less than 3 Strength and will be given money for Q1 weapons. Anybody with higher than 3 Strength will be given money for Q2 weapons, and anybody with higher than 4 Strength will be given money for Q3 weapons.

Foreign Policy

1) Alliances - We are keen to forge alliances with other nations - particularly our neighbours. If anyone were to attack us, or we wanted to attack somebody else, it's obvious that holding an alliance will be very advantageous. Forging good relationships with other nations is good to stop us getting attacked as well.

2) Trade - We will establish embassies and encourage trade between our neighbours.

Social Policy

1) Forums - We are strongly in support of the current UK Forum (erepublik.co.uk) and will continue to regard that as the place where all members of the UK can gather. However, we also think it's important that political parties have their own forums in order to discuss their own matters - 313RP for example discuss things on the GameFAQs forums. We encourage other parties to create their own forums on which access to other parties would be restricted.

2) Helping the new members - A wiki will be set-up to help New Members. Final Destiny has agreed to do this.

3) The UK Community - Social events to bond the UK citizens will be organised. These are things unrelated to ERepublik which UKers can participate in - online gaming sessions, etc...


1) Minsters- Ministers will be appointed on merit and ability rather than party affiliation. Although many people seemed to think otherwise when 313RP began, we don't discriminate against members of other parties.

A vote for 313RP is a vote towards a bigger and better United Kingdom. So make sure you make the right choice on Saturday.