[UNL] The United Netherlands leaves PEACE GC

Day 734, 11:01 Published in Netherlands Serbia by Azor Ahai Reborn

[UNL] The United Netherlands leaves PEACE GC

Dear Citizens of the United Netherlands and the New World,

The United Netherlands have decide to leave PEACE GC.
The UNL Congress has rejected the new proposed Charter of the alliance.

At this time it became undeniable that the alliance wasn't able to answers our needs anymore, as the last challenges that we faced in the last few months showed. The new international situation and the last events have made us to come to this hard decision. Our withdrawal has become inevitable and we, as founding member of PEACE GC, are very sad to quit this glorious alliance which have built the New World in its best way.

We are now leaving PEACE, but we won't forget what have achieved through this alliance... We had great times in PEACE, with great victories !
Remember the saving of France in operation French Toast ? Remember the Conquering of Northern America? Remember the saving of many countries through our Anti-TO operations ? Remember the rise of the Hungarian empire ? Remember our epic battles against the Romanians ? It's not possible to list all our victories...
We also suffered defeats together and developed great everlasting friendships with countries and people from all over the world.
These friendships will stay, we will find a new way to stand side-by-side by our friends, we won't forget them and we won't forget our past : we will still work on closer relations to our real friends and help each other every possible way !

We are truly happy to have been part of this glorious history of PEACE GC, and of eRepublik.

For the last time, we are proud to say :
"PEACE at Home, PEACE in the World !"

President of the United Netherlands

With the publication of this article, the resign of the United Netherlands from PEACE GC will become official.

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