Erepublik, War is coming!

Day 99, 06:23 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

The Platon Erepublik era has come to an end. As war is about to start, we found a new advisor, the Great Emperor – Caesar! Adopting the motto of the historical conqueror, "Alea iacta est" (The dices have been thrown) Erepublik will allow wars in about one month!

States – war and alliances

Although the war module hasn't been launched yet, countries have started announcing Mutual Protection Pacts. Norway and Sweden made public their established [a url=]agreement[/a] as reported by Nippon News Network. This made Norway leave the [a url=]Northern Alliance[/a]. Pakistan, however, has another strategy, as Dio Brando (President of Pakistan) stated his policy regarding peace through war in the [a url=]Stardust Crusaders[/a].

Better regulations for banks

Banks on Erepublik are becoming more and more mature. Since banks have started, things haven't been always smooth and easy due to the lack of clear policies that led to unfortunate situations for both banks and clients (lent money was never returned in some cases).

However, experience counts, and at the present moment, banks have come a long way. We noticed articles that are meant to be guidelines for banks administration and public loan contracts. For example, in UK, Citizen Kaleb started a bank management [a url=]tutorial[/a].

All the best from the Erepublik team