Welcome to the new ERA

Day 731, 18:16 Published in Australia Australia by patti11

Hello Australia,

I address you today, as the new and proud party president of the eRepublikism Alliance, or ERA. Crowdedhouse handed the party over from the Green and Gold Party, and we thank him for that.
For many months I have been apart of the ADSP and it will always have a place in my heart, but time goes on, and this new party is going to be big.

What the hell is eRepublikism?

eRepublikism, or in parts of Tasmania eRepism, is a new ideology based on the knowledge of eRepublik's game mechanics and not real life ideologies.

Why you ask?

You see, ERA is not based on real life ideologies such as socialism, communism, capitalism or any other ism, but rather supreme knowledge of eRepublik's mechanics, gained through years of experience between members. These ideologies have worked in the past, but have created now a culture of laziness, incompetence and people pushing personal agendas. Now it is time to use this knowledge, to better eAustralia, without the restrictions of being tied down to a real world ideology which in most cases, cannot be applied to the game. As such, we can throw out past political feuds and come together as one, for the betterment of eAustralia.

How will it work?

We all have different strengths in eRepublik, whether it be finance to war to foreign affairs. We plan to hold a number of IRC, chatrooms and forum discussions in which all members are free to attend, to voice their opinion to shape our party's policies, all based on eRepublik's mechanics, and NOT real life ideologies.

So what do I have to do?

Join up here and sign up here on our forums. The rest is up to you to help Australia reach her full potential.

Some notable members already:

Cottus Arci (Prime Minister of Australia (Jan and Fe
Derek Apollyon (Prime Minister of Australia (March)
patti11 (Prime Minister of Australia (April, May and October)
MachineMadness (ex Dropbear Commander, Field Marshal)
Cozza (ex Australian Military Marshal, Field Marshal)
zaney (Father of eAustralia)

Don't let this list intimidate you, all of us are very welcoming people, who are united under a common goal of the betterment of Australia. We have the knowledge, but we don't have new ideas, and that is where you come in. By joining ERA old and new will come together, and you will get a chance to be mentored by one of Australia's oldest and most experience players.

Be apart of something great, for Australia, join the eRepublik Alliance.

President of the eRepublik Alliance