Hello me again and now im runing in WA

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hello how are you all? i have decided to run for senate in the newly liberated state, WA

so what do i stand for? well i am running for the PaPP this time as current deputy minister of immigration customs and security. i believe that during this turbulent time we are experiencing at the moment we need direction and well educated and active people passing though the senate. last term the PaPP has a average voting rate of 3 out of 8 senators voting on the forums and a average voting rate of the hole senate of about 66% i would like to see the active people reelected and the inactive people not reelected and new people elected.

As with the cold war with eIndonesia we need strength as a nation to protect our national sovereignty. we need to stop our political infighting and come together as one. we now have Q5 hospitals in all states except NT and Tas and i believe that is enough at the present time as be need to recuperate losses after this last cowardly robbery of the NBA. we need to still be putting more funding in to the AAR to build up our army in the event on an invasion.

We still need to sign the EDEN or Brolliance alliances to help protect our selves and to give us more wars, Sol war games can only build an army so much before they get boring. as to regional instability i believe we should help Malaysia out as much as we can and sign the NAP with eIndo so this cold war does not turn into a hot war. i believe the AAR needs much more funding but this is not viable with the lack of money in the government so i believe there should be a tax increase on every thing by 1%.

a vote for me is a vote for eAustralia

dylan of the darkness
AAR 2nd platoon commander
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