The new economic and war modules sketches. Happy Birthday eRepublik!

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Dear citizens,

This is a special day, because exactly 2 years ago the first eRepublik citizens started to pop-up and populate what was to become the New World. Together with a small but passionate eRepublik team, they are the very foundation of today's virtual world which we all enjoy.

Later in the article we will offer you the first sketches of the upcoming economy and war modules! We are working hard for these modules right now, we really are, in spite of the fact that some citizens don't believe us 🙂 But hey, don't jump directly to the pictures, we have other important things to share with you!

In the beginning there was Beta. Actually no, in the beginning there was something pre-Beta: eight months of work in the obscure chamber programming, drinking coffee, programming, drinking coffee and then programming. Finally, the baby Beta was born exactly two years ago, on 20th November 2007. Wow, Beta was there before the world-wide economic crisis, so that's a long, long time ago.

Starting with less than 1000 citizens, Beta grew larger and larger until the summer of 2008. During this time concepts were analyzed, ideas debated, suggestions and feedback gathered and so on the drawing table V1 started to take shape. No, back then the head-less chicken was not in our drawing plans, it just decided to appear from nowhere sometime this year 🙂 Once we had the plans ready, the work for V1 could start and so in the 2008 autumn, after approximately one year of Beta testing, the big launch took place. You can read the V1 anniversary article here.

It is true that V1 borrowed some of its concepts from Beta, but also started to grow its own (sometimes capricious) personality. The economic module was different (by introducing raw materials), the war module was different (yes, we already know, you miss PvP, you will have that 🙂 ), the graphic layout was different. Shinny medals were introduced in the game and the political module was changed. Over time, improvements were added, smaller or larger ones, but continuous. If we add to this the big list of new modules implemented- Ticketing System, OTORA, Language Packs, Citizenship, Citizens Ads, eRepublik Map, Company Tools, Chat Module, as well as other “back ground” modules- we can say that we've done a pretty good job. Of course, “faster and better” will always be our goal.

That brings us to today and the future plans for the economic and war modules. We don't have any important announcements to do, but we wanted to increase the odds that you are all reading this article 🙂 Everybody is waiting for these two new modules, for their own reasons. Some dream of a more complex game, some suffer due to the economic over-production (the economic mechanism working for 30,000 citizens, can't work as well for 230,000). Some want more interesting and interactive wars.

So, here are two concept-sketches:

- Economy - nice customizable products, right?

- War – military units concept looking good

We hope that you are enjoying the gift we've offered you with this special occasion, Happy Birthday eRepublik ! On this forum topic you can post your anniversary messages.

For some unknown reason, citizens refused to eat earlier today. Or maybe they were waiting for the anniversary cake? Anyway, there were some issues which are now solved.

The eRepublik Team