It Is Time To Resist

Day 729, 20:54 Published in Austria Austria by Rangeley

Over these past two months, Austria has dedicated itself to fighting for the true founding principles of our alliance. We took our cause not only to the halls of PEACE GC, but to the marketplace of ideas; calling for a return to a defensive alliance, and to the pursuit of peace in good faith. We were critical of actions that deviated from this mission. When small, neutral nations became the target of aggression, we called for an end to these wars. And when nations acted with a blind hatred, seeking retribution, we told them there was a different way.

We fought for reform, and refused to follow blindly when larger nations made demands from us. We did not acquiesce to demands from Hungary that we invade the Czech Republic; a small, neutral nation with which we have no problem. We did not acquiesce to demands from Hungary that we aid in the occupation of Slovakia; another small neutral nation with which we have no problem. These actions could not be regarded as pursuing peace in good faith, even when "rewards" were offered as a benefit for compliance.

But today, we no longer fight merely for reform. We fight for our very survival. Hungary launched an invasion of the nation of Austria, seeking Burgenland and quite possibly more of our nation. We must resist this with all our willpower.

We resist not only for ourselves, but for every nation, and their sovereign right to independence. Their right to lead their nation the way they desire. Their right to pursue peace. And their right to stand up to those who so cowardly wield their might, knowing full well that they can convince noone otherwise to support them. We fight today so that we can pursue peace tomorrow - so that the peaceful are not consumed by the imperialists, and the warlike.

The world is what you make it. And for us, it is time to resist.

Battle Orders for the Austrian Army