[FIN] Finland resigns PEACE!

Day 725, 05:09 Published in Finland Finland by Ministry of Education FI

According to articles by Italian and Indonesian Presidents, Italy and Indonesia are leaving PEACE. PEACE had long since achieved its goal of freeing their occupied original regions, and they had even gone for a revenge by attacking Northern America and several smaller European countries. The fall of PEACE had been anticipated since the breakdown of ATLANTIS (actually since the UK joined PEACE), and now it seems to be a trend that countries leave PEACE. Even the admins noted the event and released an article about the breakdown of PEACE.

I want to be fashionable, go by the trend and all, so I hereby declare that Finland also leaves PEACE. We've been a constant supporter of the alliance, always being there when other PEACE countries needed for someone a lot smaller to attack, and we never let you down by surrendering or letting you walk over us, thus leaving you with a constant place to come by again. If Finland had not been there, PEACE would have had no small country to bully, and it had collapsed months earlier. This, amongst some other things, lets us conclude that Finland has been a pillar upholding PEACE for months.

But, now that the alliance is faltering from the inside, the people of Finland feel it is time for us too to find other foes to contend with. With tears in our eyes we, the people of Finland declare that Finland is no longer willing to be involved with PEACE in any manner. We still remember you with warm thoughts and hope that our bonds stay as strong as they've been in the past despite this sudden breakdown.

With respect,

Kuhaa, the President of Finland