Countries resigning from PEACE

Day 724, 11:23 Published in by Plato

Dear citizens,

In the last 24 hours, the word on all lips was PEACE. Whispered by some “what is going on with our alliance” or yelled loudly “Yeaaah, finally PEACE is crumbling, uraah” by others. This because two of its “fathers,” Italy (founder) and Indonesia, resigned from the alliance just hours apart. Not long time ago Ukraine resigned too, and now is preparing to join Eden.

One thing is certain, PEACE alliance will never be the same again.Some Eden members started to celebrate the anticipated crumble of PEACE, but it looks like the alliance it's just going to rely on other pillars (like Hungary, Serbia and Russia) and not going to collapse, like Atlantis did.

Nevertheless, the withdrawal of Indonesia comes as a shocking and unexpected event. For a long, long time, Indonesia was the super-power of PEACE. Indonesian tanks were the greatest enemies of former Atlantis states, as they have decided many battles in the final moments. We are talking here about the times when Hungarian, Serbian and Russian population combined did not match Indonesian alone.

A couple of months ago all PEACE world celebrated one year of existence, and eRepublik team congratulated them for the strong relations and friendships developed within their family, which turned them into the biggest force of the eRepublik. Today, Italy and Indonesia are no longer part of the family, but we are sure that they will find their way through the New World. We wish them “good luck,” no matter the path they'll follow: playing solitary, joining another alliance, or, why not, creating another alliance.

PEACE GC is one of the few concepts still alive today, coming from the old Beta history, and for this it deserves respect. To some extent, Atlantis and PEACE are the history of most of the V1, as the new alliances joined the “big arena” pretty lately, with the North-American wars. Whether PEACE concepts, dreams, goals and building blocks are in need for adjustments in order to survive and grow stronger, it is today's PEACE super-powers call. Probably Foreign Affairs Ministers (MoFAs) will have a lot and important work to do in the following period.

But, how could the things be like, one year from now? Let's imagine the next year's eRepublik world. How many alliances would there be? Two? Three? More? And what could their names be? Still Eden? Still Brolliance? Still PEACE?

The eRepublik Team