Norway and Sweden declare allegiance

Day 98, 10:49 Published in Japan Japan by Yamato Suzuki

"By signing this contract, Norway and Sweden agree to defend each other in times of war. This means if Norway is attacked, Sweden must aid in their defense. If Sweden is attacked, Norway must aid in their defence.
By aid we mean military aid." These were the very words uttered yesterday by Kim, president of Norway. Once both presidents signed the treaty, it was official. Two major powers of Erepublik, have forged an alliance which power could exceed the Northern Alliance.

The following terms were agreed upon for this alliance:
- Norway and Sweden agree not to attack each other.
- None of the parts have to aid in any agressive retaliation following a defensive action, or attack at all, as it's a strictly defensive pact.
- None of the parts may enter another alliance while in this one.
- The penalty for breaking any of the agreed terms will be a fee of 1000 GOLD. This amount is to be moved from one countrys treasury to the other.
- This contract will expire if one of the presidents posts a 1 week notice that the country is leaving the alliance. Only after the 7 days the contract will be off.
- This contract can be changed at any time with approval of the Norwegian and Swedish presidents.

With the terms, the Norwegian president also announced their resignation from the Northern Alliance in the forums.