Day 720, 20:39 Published in Malaysia Indonesia by Wonder Forward

On behalf of eIndonesian people,

For the sake of dynamic, tension, and the rejuvenation of our nation,

Our people had unanimously chose to War against Malaysia, the full powered Malaysia and her allies.

We have been informed by many thoughtful and sincere people since past week, when the flames and embargoes had been issued, and our plan had been open and sincere.

Even though I found pearls in their advice, a president must do what his people demands him to.
And I had unwavering conviction that this was the only way to get the spark back to the game.

And we do it fairly, even before the era of all-for-yourself-kill-100-gold-MPP.

I had been openly discussing the war and even I had glimpses of SOL conversation on our imminent plan.

We are sincere in challenging you all, SOL, EDEN, and Indonesia is quite alone.

So, why don't you come at us? See if you can turn the table around? See if you can conquer us and extinguish our pride?

Come and dance.

Peril shall cometh at Sabah. When the region dyed Red and White, not reversed (lol), we shall prove ourselves greatest joy in the game.

Best regards,

Wonder Forward

Dear SetsunaX: I await for your arrival in Jakarta, in chains.