[EDEN] A new Country in EDEN (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Day 719, 18:09 Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina Greece by Greek Ministry of Health
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Amidst the war and ongoing dissatisfaction over the Admin's changes to the MPP system, it is always nice to report news that is nothing but good. "What is this news?" you may ask. Be patient and let me tell you!

Switzerland is now a member of EDEN!

Recently, former US president Gaius Julius published an article in which he highlighted the many improvements that the Swiss have been making to their country since it emerged from Theocrat control. Switzerland has been improving its military, stabilizing its economy, and working closely with many EDEN nations. They are struggling with many challenges but through their hard work have been making noticeable headway in solving them and though they may be small, this war has shown us that size is not everything. What they lack in quantity they make up for in quality. After numerous instances of cooperation with them, including their participating in the defense of Croatia a short while ago, it is clear that they are intelligent, friendly, and committed people. These qualities make them an invaluable member of our brotherhood of countries.

Switzerland is a shining example to other small nations. Though they tried neutrality, the have stood up to PEACE's bullying tactics and taken a stand against injustice. They have decided not to sit by while other countries are oppressed and conquered out of greed. The Swiss posses strength of character and deserve a good deal of respect for that.

As full members of EDEN, Switzerland will now participate with such activities as EDEN votes, military operations, and numerous other discussions. The contract has been signed and they are now a part of our brotherhood. We are absolutely delighted to have them, and encourage everyone to give our new brothers a warm EDEN welcome.

However, with Switzerland joining us though there is one problem. Our flag must be changed. So i present to you the new and improved flag of the EDEN alliance:

Shiny isnt it?

For more insight into Switzerland's decision to join us, we turn to two influential members of Swiss society. Eleriel, the 2-term president of Switzerland and Domiboss, a former Swiss president and their current MoD.

Scorpius: Eleriel, can you describe for us the events that led up to Switzerland joining EDEN?

Eleriel: I've never really liked PEACE, but as we had to talk with the Hungarians, and neutrality was the best option, I thought what the hell, lets see what they're like. So I've been in a lot of talks with Hungary and though they have made significant efforts, those efforts were never done for nothing. There was always a hidden agenda. And that was mostly gold. And on the other hand, we have had very friendly relations with several EDEN countries, and actual help without asking for anything in return. Couple that to the fact that currently PEACE doesn't actually listen to its smaller members and the choice wasn't that hard to make.

Scorpius: Thanks. Now that switzerland is with EDEN what do you see in its future?

Eleriel: Well, our future is very uncertain. I do hope that with our joining EDEN, at the very least we can evolve in a community that cares for its members. Other than that, we will try to participate as much as we can, and hope things go in the right direction. I would like to say though that i hope this will not compromise our relations with countries that have so far been supportive.

Scorpius: Domiboss, as Swiss MoD what are your thoughts on joining EDEN?

DomiBoss: Well, joining EDEN is essential for Switzerland, because Swiss was always in their history cooperating with the actual members of EDEN and we had two chooses: PEACE or EDEN? Of course we don't want one more country to be a PEACE puppet so the choice was easy. It's a pleasure to cooperate with the our brothers, and, they are just awesome, and the friendships that you create inside EDEN are just something very cool. We are brotherhood. That's why we win.

Scorpius: What do you think is next for Switzerland now that it is in EDEN?

DomiBoss: Develop the economy, try a mini baby boom...we need to make Switzerland better and better, and I believe that EDEN will help in this like they done in another countries.

Thank you Eleriel and Domiboss for your time. Again, we would like to congratulate Switzerland on joining us and give them a warm welcome to our brotherhood. They are a great people and we look forward to many more months of cooperation and teamwork.

Long Live Switzerland!
Long Live EDEN!

Scorpius, EDEN Media Director