eSA Cabinet for the November Presidential Term

Day 717, 17:57 Published in South Africa South Africa by Enoch Root

I know everyone's been itching for me to release the cabinet, sorry for the wait. I had some spots that I wanted to confirm the Ministers on first, and to meet with the Vice President to discuss our plan of action concerning the Ministries.

Here we are:

New Cabinets!!! Oh wait....

Vice President - Oceanus
Oceanus will be helping me every step of the way, helping to keep everything focused, and hopefully saving me from overwhelming myself 😛

Minister of Intelligence - Zamrg
Zamrg returns to this Ministry this term. He has done an excellent job here, and his work is extremely impressive. Of course, I'd have to kill you if I told you what that work was.

Minister of Trade - Tronyx
From my own experience with him as my Deputy Minister of Finance, I know Tronyx will be able to do this job, and do it well. He's already proven this to me. He's familiar with all of the work already, and has been doing much of it on his own.

Mistress of Information - Ines Schumacher
Ines just got started up more than halfway into the last term as MoInfo, I think it would be unnecessary to remove her now, when she's only shown that she can do good in the MoInfo. I'm happy with her work there, and am confident she will continue doing a wonderful job.

Minister of Defense - Brendan E. Austerion
From discussion I've had, comments I've read, and posts by Brendan, I'm fully confident of his Tactical Military knowledge. He's a former MoD, and knows how to do the job. He's well versed in the game mechanics and tactical knowledge required for this role, and he's been fighting across the world longer than most people have been alive.

Minister of Social Affairs - Frank Furglar
Frank's back in MoSA to finish up his goals for this Ministry. His activity and dedication to his job are real assets to eSA. After reforming several items in the MoSA in the last term, I'm looking forward to the progress he will continue to make this term.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Steven Bosch
Former President Bosch will be taking up this Ministry. Last term we saw his excellent policies get us 5 regions returned. That takes excellent diplomatic skills, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I think we can expect to see these skills carried over into our relations with other countries.

Minister of Education - Ryan Dagari
Ryan, as an older player, a good writer, and someone that I've always seen trying to look out for the people, will do great here, I believe. Ryan brings some creativity here, and has an extensive knowledge of the past that will prove very valuable.

Director of Mentorship - Tacointern
Tacointern is a newer player, but one already active in helping out newer players. I look forward to seeing him get a new mentorship program up and running, seeing eSA take an active approach to getting help out to new players, and bringing this Ministry back to life.

Director of Government Companies - Ovidiusza
Ovidiusza quietly continues this station, running the RBSA companies for eSA. Ovidiusza has done an excellent job, and I can expect a continuation of this.

Sol Representatives -
Oceanus (Full Representative)
Steven Bosch (Advisory)
Ines Schumacher (Advisory)

I personally hold that the Commander of the eSouth African Armed Forces is a position that should only be changed in the event of a failure to uphold the duties of the position. As such, Ali Mentary has my support in continuing to lead the Military.

You might notice I didn't mention the RBSA. After a lot of consideration, I will continue to run the Reserve Bank of South Africa myself, at least until a highly trusted, capable, willing individual is found to take over. It honestly doesn't take that much time, so I don't mind continuing to run it. Tronyx will be taking over the other responsibilities of my previous post in his Ministry.

Everyone can expect to see full plans for each Ministry, and the set up of the Government Initiative for Sustainable Population Increase, in the next articles. Like I said before, expect to see several articles out over the weekend about our goals this term. There's a lot to do, and I don't want to kill anyone with massive articles.

I encourage newer players to step up to any and every Minister about helping out. I want to see deputies in every Ministry. You can see there are a lot of repeat Ministers here. As Minister of Finance for the past two months, I can honestly say that I loved it whenever a new person came to me to get involved. I always wanted to see another newer player step up and succeed. Getting involved in a Ministry is the first step to doing this.

My first government job was under a Foreign Affairs department as an Ambassador, my second was as a Deputy MoF. From there on, I moved right up. You just have to get your foot in the door. This is that chance. If you want to get involved, each Minster will need a Deputy, and most Ministries keep a staff of two or three people. Only a few of these positions are filled, so click the links above, and PM the Minister you are most interested in working with. I hope to see many more new faces in the next month's Cabinet.

Thank you everyone,

-Enoch Root
President of eSouth Africa