Romania: The Ghost Of An Empire

Day 716, 12:03 Published in USA USA by NeilP99

Six months ago if you had asked any citizen who paid at least a little attention to international politics in the eWorld who the two strongest countries were there would have been almost no debate. On the PEACE side it was Indonesia and on the Atlantis side it was Romania. These two nations were feared by their enemies and sometimes even their friends. Times have changed though, and both nations are not the superpowers that they once were, however the decline in power is far more noticeable in eRomania.

eRomania was the bully, or the savior depending on your view, or Europe. She controlled vast amounts of territory, vast amounts of Gold, and vast numbers of citizens. Few countries would willingly challenge eRomania in open war, and those that did often found themselves wiped off the map when the war was over. Then the war that many thought would never happen, and many still regard as one of the greatest of all time, broke out. Romania and Indonesia, the two most powerful countries there were, locked into battle. What happened next can be debated based on what side you took, what country you were in, and what you thought about the two countries involved in this epic battle, but the final result is undeniable. Romania lost huge amounts of land as well as the citizens that had lived in those lands. In short, for a variety of reasons, many of them having nothing to do with what actual Romanians did, Romania lost the war.

Afterwards Atlantis collapsed and we started on the slow progress to where we are now. I believe that Romania is the perfect example of what will eventually happen to all of the super empires in eRepublik. They will become unsustainable and eventually fall, whether they’re eRomania, eIndonesia, or eHungary. Still, as someone who lived through eRomania’s best days, and even visited eRomania on my first eWorld Tour, I felt the need to come back and see what has changed. Sadly it’s hard for me to tell what’s changed on my own since I don’t speak Romanian. So I did the next best thing and spoke with an actual Romanian, Congresswoman malika ela.

Q: After the break-up of Atlantis how do most Romanians feel about the eUS?
A: After that period we couldn't stand Americans anymore, because instead to help us fight against Hungary and Indonesia, they were afraid that we'll become a superpower. Only some high ranked soldiers fought for us then, average Americans didn't care to come and help.

Q: Romania was once one of the largest countries in the game, how do Romanians feel about giving so much territory back?
A: eRomanians blamed our allies for this situation, then admins, then their own leaders.

Q: Is Romania as strong today as it was when it controled much of Europe?
A: Stronger...can't be. The most important is that they don't have great leaders as they had back then. Our leaders are not as determinate at they should be, are really weak.

Q: Do most Romanians want to re-create the huge empire that Romania had built in the past?
A: Of course the most eRomanians want to re-create the Empire that we were. But reality changed, eRomania doesn't have a big population anymore. We want at least to have more wars, where eRomanias to fight for their own country, not only for allies.

Q: What has been the biggest change in Romania since the fall of Atlantis?
A: The biggest change in eRomania is the apathy that covered us. We try to fight against it, but the reality is kind of monochromatic lately for us. Still....we hope even now before elections from 5 November, that a miracle will happen. And I hope as well that a change will be made.

Whether or not today’s elections change things in eRomania remains to be seen, but I think that eRomania has a leg up on many eNations because they’ve seen just how powerful they can become. I’d like to thanks malika ela for answering my questions and giving an interesting view of the Romanian perspective. Here are some of the numbers that I’ve said I plan to show you on every nation I visit.

eUS GDP: 3348.54 Gold
eRomania GDP: 1719.29 Gold
eUS Exchange Rate (USD to Gold): 40.2:1
eRomania Exchange Rate (RON to Gold): 52.93:1
eUS Active Population: 3842
eRomania Active Population: 2307

For my next stop in the eWorld Tour I’m going to visit what may be the most hated country in all of eRepublik. I hope you’ve enjoyed the series so far, and I promise that there are interesting articles to come. Thanks for reading!