The LPSA backs Enoch

Day 715, 11:00 Published in South Africa Belgium by OKayOK

This is a formal notice to all that live in this wonderful country. We have decided to back Enoch Root for State President. This was discussed between members active on the forums and we are confident in our decision.

The decision has not been easy as there were two very good candidates running. Unfortunately the other has resigned. This in a way is a blessing as this will mean that a Party other than the USAP will be taking the reigns of this country making us a truly multi party democracy.

I personally have had experience with Enoch in the Halls of Congress and believe him to be a upstanding, moral and intelligent leader. He has done a sterling job with the RBSA and shows a in-depth knowledge of the game that I can only marvel at.
He will make a great president and I encourage all eSouth Africans to make the right choice and vote Enoch for president.