100k Giveaway

Day 3,937, 03:02 Published in Ireland Ireland by Rusty D

Hi Ireland,

I hope you all are doing well.... Honestly I do 😉

Anyway, being inspired by the true God of eIreland, Releasethe Krakken, who has donated 100k (to air combat rounds) a week of his hard earned money (and the money he makes from selling his stock on overseas markets to avoid giving Ireland tax dollars), I thought I would do a giveaway... a 100k giveaway.

RTKs personal military aircraft

Well the concept for this give away is quite simple:

Comp: Creative Writing
Topic: Our glorious true God of eIreland, Releasethe Krakken aka RTk aka RTS
Content: It can be written in anyway, shape or form that takes your fancy. It could be one about his great exploits like trying to keep Ireland wiped or His need to be worshiped or How he put his economic empire before country when he fled to the UK or how he inspires us all to be better people. Pretty much any content that makes you feel good.
Judging Criteria: I am the judge, so the winner and runner up places will be picked by me.
Eligibility: Must be printed in eIreland, but open to everyone in the world. Article is still accepted in the comp if I manage to read it even if it is taken down. I will endorse all articles that have been accepted.
Prize Money:
1st Place 50k
2nd Place 20k
3rd to 5th Place 10k each.
Drawn: Comp finishes at the end of eRep Day 3,944
Note: If no winner is announced, money will be pooled and carried over to a new comp.

RTK trying to fly

So get writing people, and dont let the kill joys ruin a fun giveaway.

Rusty D
Inspiring Humour at the best of the times.