Campaign Announcement

Day 710, 13:57 Published in Ireland Ireland by AppleMan
Ladies and Gentlemen of Ireland,

Ireland is on the brink of greatness!

Our International influence is reaching levels never before seen from a small country like ours. The IDF is constantly growing in strength and numbers. Our economic power is the envy of many nations and our State Treasury is growing like never before. Ireland is looking into a bright future and she needs strong leadership to guide the way.

I am here to officially announce my candidacy for President of Ireland.

I know that together we can be the greatest small country in the New World but we have work to do! If elected here are some of the goals I want to accomplish:

The Cabinet
I see the Irish President’s most important role is to appoint a strong, experienced cabinet. I have worked in the last 7 Presidential Cabinets and have seen some great Ministers but also some less than great Ministers. This selection is critical to our national well-being. The Cabinet Ministers need constant feedback and support from the President. As President I will give my Ministers daily support and oversight.

Our military is admirable for a small country but we can do better. The most respected countries around the world became that way because of their elite soldiers that are always out proving and increasing their strength. The American Marines and Romanian FAR, for example, are a constant influence around the world. Of course, these powerful forces require heavy government funding so a strong national economic base is critical.

Foreign Affairs
Ireland is in a unique world position. We are one of the few countries that has no strong ties to any 1 alliance. This gives us a great freedom. As president I will strengthen our Neutrality but will not let the country slip into Isolationism. I think it is very possible to be a Strong, Independent and Neutral nation and still support the freedom of other like-minded nations.

War Games
Our soldiers need the chance to fight every day. Our strength, security and economy depend on it. I support Ireland’s involvement in multiple War Games. These will be carefully chosen with regard to our International stance.

The Economy
Many of you who know me know that this is my greatest strength. For those of you who do not let me simply list some of my history. I have been involved with the Ministry of Finance and Industry (now separate Ministries) for 7 terms. As CEO of AX Group I have grown a strong, profitable business that supplies Ireland’s citizens with low cost goods and employs ~60 Irish workers. As a Cabinet Minister I helped hundreds of new citizens build Skill in the State Companies and have established Stabilizing Economic policies through the State Banc. I will continue to work with my Ministers to ensure our Economic Success.

In closing, let me say that I am very proud of the country we’ve built. Patton, especially, has served us well and I look to him constantly for support and advice. But I believe that the time has come to lead Ireland in a new direction. We have accomplished great things, but I believe we can do better. I hope you agree.




Thank you and may the eGods bless Ireland,

Citizen of Ireland