100 Most Important eAmericans: No. 91-100

Day 514, 17:28 Published in USA USA by Lowell Kennedy

After some time I’ve decided to revisit the 50 most important eAmericans lists that I published months ago and today, 17 April 2009, I will release the first part of the expanded tome of great Americans. I was surprised to learn the original list is among the longest and largest pages of the wiki. It can be found here. I can say with confidence that that list will pale in comparison to this one.

First, I want to say that all fifty of the originals make the list and are more or less the same unless they have done something in the interim that affects them positively or negatively. I will largely avoid revisionism because of the case of Jim Thorpe. He was voted the greatest athlete of the first half of the 20th century but was bypassed by Babe Ruth and others when there was voting for the century’s greatest athlete. Nothing changed but the contemporaries died and later generations bought the Ruthian mystique. I wish to avoid such an error. There are exceptions however; I under-ranked Platonic and Joeph Cole, for instance. Thus, it is a balancing act between the originals and the new additions that make the top 100. Much of the following comes from the original article explaining selection and ranking.

I have undertaken a somewhat audacious process of trying to create a list of the 100 most important eAmericans of all time. They are politicians, economists, journalists, philosophers, business owners, and warriors and their contributions—for better or worse—have helped to shape today’s United States.

This list is by no means perfect. It cannot be because it is a subjective ranking of very different individuals. However, I have attempted to balance between the primacy and recency of various candidates. I have included individuals for single great acts or for cumulative achievement. Preference was given to those that are in America and activity was considered. Additionally, I have weighed and deliberated over many members of our society. From that, I cut it down to a smaller list and from there, I reached the select 100. I won’t lie; the initial list was so long that I had to go back and check why some of the names were on it. Nevertheless, I will release segments of the list in a serial format with bios of the different members. I would encourage new players to read and learn the history of some of the country’s most colorful individuals. I would also like to encourage other citizens to offer their thoughts on the list and the rankings. Additionally, please subscribe to receive notification of the latest release. I won’t make any promises regarding upcoming releases because school work comes first and it’s becoming busy.

The first part of the list follows. In a reverse countdown, I will start with number 100.

100 – Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis presents a dilemma from the start: the player himself has done very little to merit inclusion but because of the player, there has been an immense cultural impact on the United States. He is a special American. Known for his direct and frank style, Michael Lewis delivers declarations on various issues that cross his mind. He has been elected to Congress once. Additionally, he has organized leadership forums. Most importantly, a religion (that he has denounced) reveres him. Multiple strains of the religion of the religion exist, including Lewisism and Lewdaism. They claim many adherents across the country and the world.

99 – Illig INC
Illig INC was a five term congressman from Nebraska that was known for his love of everything Huskers. He was permanently banned for alleged multi-accounting.

98 – JaMat
JaMat was an aspiring politician in the United States that stole money from the United States military in December 2008 and ran off to South Korea, allegedly to join ‘The Party.’ He has been condemned for actions and has been seen in the Philippines recently.

97 – Ikenstein
Ikenstein was a foreign born American, who came to this country after Norway took over Finland during the Beta period. He served two terms as mayor of Sacramento, two terms in Congress, and as the Party President of the Libertarians after Martin Sunter. He allegedly stole over 4000USD from the treasury of Sacramento after the amount went missing and it is unknown what happened to the money even today.

96 – Lauryl
Lauryl is a Democratic Party institution. She has largely been in control of the party since the time of Bl1ndn3ss, serving multiple terms as the party president. She does not have a public persona and under her leadership, the once-powerful party deteriorated further into a non-entity politically.

95 – Tuffguy14
Tuffguy14 is an American that started his life in Greece after being born in South Carolina. After returning to America, he served 3 terms as mayor of Columbia, South Carolina. Today, he is involved with the military.

94 – Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts is a former American politician that has had significant political success abroad. In America, he served a couple of terms as mayor of Salem, Oregon. In Thailand, he has served as the president of the country in non-concurrent terms and as a Congressman for multiple terms. He still resides in Thailand.

93 – Jamarcus
Jamarcus is a former US Green Party member that helped to found the party. He served as the leader of the party after Peter Green’s departure and became the only Green to win a Congressional term. He has since moved on to Lithuania.

92 – HeadmistressTalia
HeadmistressTalia is the current party president of the Libertarians, the second largest American party. She is known for outspoken views on taxes and spending. She has served multiple terms in Congress.

91 – chimichonga barborosa
Chimichonga barborosa is a longtime member of the United State Workers Party and he is among the highest-ranked Americans. He served a term as mayor of Trenton. He has served multiple terms as Congressman, dating back to the Beta period.

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