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100/100 ?

Day 1,605, 08:59 Published in USA Peru by David Wilson


Heard about that 100/100? Know we fight our wars for resource bonuses? Notice your company production fluctuate based on certain regions we control?

The second in my series of Game Mechanics articles will be focused on Raw Materials and Resource Bonuses.

The first article on Natural Enemy can be found HERE

Raw materials (RM) are products that are used to manufacture food and weapons and include:

FOOD (abbreviated FRM): Grain, Deer, Fish, Cattle, Fruits
WEAPONS (abbreviated WRM): Iron, Aluminum, Saltpeter, Oil, Rubber

Each of these raw material categories is distributed among the regions of the world somewhat arbitrarily and each country is given a maximum of 5 resources in their natural regions.

The USA was given: Cattle, Fruits, Grain, Aluminum, and Oil

Resources connected to the USA Capital, Florida:

Resources give bonuses to their respective companies in a country.
Only regions connected to the capital (i.e. not cutoff by another nation) contribute to the resource bonus.

Above you see the resources in Central Greece cut off from the capital Western Macedonia, no iron bonus is applied.

Each food resource controlled provides a 20% bonus to all food and food raw material companies located in our country. Likewise, each region with a weapon resource connected to the capital provides a 20% bonus to weapon and weapon raw material companies.

So when we talk about 100/100 we are talking about all 5 resources in both weapons and food (5 un-natural resources total) being connected to the capital; equaling a total of 100% bonuses for both food and weapon companies. This is a tremendous boost to the economy.

Each company has a basic productivity before any bonuses are added. Higher quality (more expensive) companies produce more product per wellness spent.

Food product companies require food raw material (FRM) while Weapon product companies require weapon raw material (WRM).

Food companies require 1FRM per unit of food produced, while weapon companies require 10WRM per unit of weapon produced.

The table below shows how many raw materials are required for each worker in a company based on resource bonuses. Raw material costs for finished products increases as the quality of the finished product goes up.

The following table shows how many units of finished product each company produces with different bonuses.

So you can see it is extremely beneficial to the economy to control regions with the 5 resources that are un-natural to the original 51 states. It drives the amount of raw materials required down and the amount of finished product up. It is also essential to control the regions connecting those resources to the capital.

I hope you were able to learn something and encourage you to leave comments recommending a topic for Saturday.

Thanks to R.W. Reagan for today's topic recommendation.



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John Killah
John Killah Day 1,605, 09:15

This article wins on so many levels!

DokJon Day 1,605, 09:17

Excellent. Easy to understand.

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Zheng He Day 1,605, 09:19

Yowzah, crystal clear and full of good info!

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Dru Blood Day 1,605, 09:56

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Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,605, 10:12

Great stuff. Every new player should read your articles.

Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,605, 10:34

I like it.

TheCrown Day 1,605, 10:36

very well done

Dokomo Day 1,605, 10:39

How do Congress elections work? What are blockers? Why is exp important? Do I have to vote for the state I live in?

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Day 1,605, 10:53

wth...I never subscribed to your newspaper. Well now that has been remedied.

David Wilson
David Wilson Day 1,605, 11:03

Thanks Dokomo... look for Congress mechanics on Saturday!

ErrOrka Day 1,605, 11:24

voted, very nice article

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,605, 11:33

excellent article

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,605, 11:38

Now that we share a global currency, the countries who can produce more per click have an even GREATER advantage than before.

Mythakbar Day 1,605, 11:56

voted. well done o/..

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this is great man, thanks for doing this.

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Chavo Ellison Day 1,605, 13:37

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Silas Soule Day 1,605, 16:03

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excellent explained, let me bookmark this article for future use

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Good stuff as usual!

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mvcakir Day 1,606, 00:36

Excellent explanation.

Maybe you can write about media module after politics.

Grand Master of Warfire
Grand Master of Warfire Day 1,606, 04:07

nice work v+s

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The Italian Dark Knight
The Italian Dark Knight Day 1,607, 07:47

good! voted

bozli Day 1,607, 07:56

TBH, I think I have heard only in USA for the term "100/100". Most other countries I dealt with use 10/10, or 7/10 in case of 3 resources missing.

I Mes
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Dark Panzer Day 1,607, 08:03

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