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10 Things You Need To Know About MPP's

Day 2,048, 04:53 Published in Serbia Canada by delete this
Goodafternoon Netizens,

I've been asked many times by people from various countries to help them understand the in's and out's of a basic MPP. While an MPP is basic in theory it is more complex then you might originally believe. Below I've answered 10 of the most common questions I've been asked over time.

Question #1: Can I set a COD if I don't have an MPP? Can I fight in RW's with an MPP?

Having an MPP allows the Country President to set a foreign battle as Campaign of the Day (COD). If an MPP is not present than that battle can not be assigned as COD.

You can not fight in RW's using an MPP. To fight in rw's you will need to move to a region of the country where the RW is taking place.

Austria has only 2 MPP's.

Question #2: Who proposes an MPP? Who votes on it?

A: Only country presidents can propose MPP's. These laws are then voted on by the Country President and congress of both countries and requires 50%+ in both countries.

Question #3: What if a country is erased?

A: If a country is erased than you can not propose an MPP to that country. However, the President of the erased country can still propose an MPP to you.

Stragetic Note - If a country is erased they have no regions, so even if they have an MPP with you there is no way they could fight for you or you for them. Because of this, an MPP between the two countries would be a waste for both and therefore should only be signed if the wiped country is expecting to make a serious move to return to the map.

Question #4: How much does an MPP cost?

A: MPP's cost 10,000 currency for both countries. This money will be deducted automatically from both countries treasury, regardless of who proposes it. If both countries do not have the required amount of money, eRepublik will not allow you to propose an MPP. If the MPP does not pass, the money will be returned to the country account.

Example #1 Country A has 10,000 Currency in the Country Accounts a.k.a. Treasury and proposes to Country B which has 9,999 Currency. eRepublik does NOT allow the MPP to be proposed.

Example #2 - Country A has 10,000 CC in it's treasury and proposes an MPP with Country B which has 20,000cc. The moment the MPP is proposed the treasury of Country A is reduced to 0 CC and the treasury of Country B is reduced to 10,000CC. Country B now rejects the MPP request. The money from the MPP is returned to the treasury automatically and now both countries have all their money back.

Singapore can't sign any MPP's.

Question #5: How long does an MPP last?

A: Each MPP lasts 30 days.

Question #6: Which countries can sign MPP's? If your country is part of one of the "official" ingame alliances does this affect the MPP's in any way?

A: Any two countries which want can sign MPP's. The ingame alliance
"feature/module" is purely cosmetic and will not affect you or bar you from signing an MPP with whoever you want.

Question #7: What happens if I sign a new MPP before the old one expires?

A: Let's say country A renews their MPP with country B 4 days before the old one expires. The 30 days of the new MPP are added to the remaining 4 days, so now your MPP will expire in a total of 34 days. Signing a new MPP with a country does not cancel out the remaining days of the old one. Note this though, if your MPP will expire in 31 days this shows up as "31 days", if it will expire in 32 days, eRepublik will show this as "2 Months".

i.e. Country A sign's a new MPP with Country B even though the old MPP will expire in more 2 days. The MPP will now expire in a total of 32 days but eRepublik will show this as "2 Months".

New Zealands MPP's which shows 2 months.

Question #8: How often can you propose an MPP?

A: Your country can only have one MPP proposal at a time, however there is no limit to the amount of MPP proposals you can recieve.

I.E. Country A wants to sign an MPP immediately with 10 countries. Country A sends an MPP proposal to the first country and now needs to wait 24 hours until the proposal ends before it can propose to the second country. However, instead of waiting 24 hours the remaining 9 countries can still send MPP proposal immediately to Country A. Again, you can only send 1 proposal at a time but you can receive as many as you want.

Question #9: How can an MPP get cancelled?

A: An MPP can either expire or it can be cancelled by a war.

Example: Let's say Country A has MPP's with both Country B and with Country C and now C declares war on B. Since C is the aggressor it's MPP with A is automatically cancelled. Now A only has an MPP with B and no longer with C.

However, let's say A resigns an MPP with Country C while the war continues. The moment C attacks another region of B, the MPP between A and C will once again be cancelled. However, if Country B had the initiative when the new MPP was signed, and B attacks a region of C, the MPP between A and B will be cancelled and the MPP between A and C will remain.

Question #10: I have an MPP with a country, can I still NE them?

A: Yes. Of course when you do the MPP will be cancelled.

I hope I've now covered MPP's sufficiently for you all. Until next time happy summit'ing to you all and of course most importanly,

Stay Classy San Diego.
smee again


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good job

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Μπάμπη, πάλι μεθυσμένος είσαι?

Nenya Day 2,048, 05:46

smee my love, 1st point mistake. it can, if you know how to set top5 battle orders. You cann't only if you set orders directly. you can set it to fight against your own country if you want.

delete this
delete this Day 2,048, 05:47

nenya, thats Daily Order for MU, not COD for country

Nenya Day 2,048, 05:50

ah my bad. you are right. to much sunshine today. sorry

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Votado OME!!!

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Историјска збивања: Термопилска битка.

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jotapelx Day 2,049, 03:03

Good Article. The Question #9 should have a bit more detail and less vague examples for the article to be perfect 🙂

I also think that the mpp is cancelled not when there is a NE but after the first battle between the contenders.

Dan Ristesson
Dan Ristesson Day 2,049, 03:59

Hacked account? : )

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