10 easy improvements for eRepublik: (part 1: MU's)

Day 2,523, 08:01 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Daniel Parker

Hi, I'm starting a series with feedback for improvements for the game.
Please add your comments below, or other suggestions, if they are better than mine, I'll switch them, a final list will be sent in as feedback to Plato.

* Votes on comments count, top 5 voted suggestion-comments I'll submit to plato.
* If you place your own suggestions, please follow the existing numbering. (including other suggestions in comments) 1.11. etc. and stick to the topic: MU's.
* Please share and shout: http://tinyurl.com/erepNEW

1. Daniel Parkers initial suggestions on MUs (vote and comment on them in the comments):

1.1. Make it possible to move MU's to other nations, CP's must approve movals.
1.2. Make it possible to disband MU's (for 30 gold)
1.3. Give inventories to MU's
1.4. Make it possible to donate weapons and food to MU's
1.5. Auto distribute weapons and food to members
1.6. Make select members for autodistribution
1.7. Create membership and/or entrance fees for members
1.8. Show fellow MU members on the battlefield
1.9. Count MU damage 6n battlefield (for coop battles, games against other MUs)
1.10. Enable collaborate charge engagement by captains (all damage done by MU is collected, until a MU leader 'releases' it)