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1.8 : What it Means to Me

Day 2,066, 17:36 Published in USA USA by Ludonarr

Greetings eUS folks and folkettes

** Note: As much as I'd love to, I have no one to accuse of high treason. So, if that's what you are looking for in your media, look elsewhere **

Another 15th has come and passed, bringing with it some new PP blood and for the second consecutive month forcing RGR to hijack a new party and begin his ever-slowing climb to the Top 5. We have a handful of dedicated citizens that work hard on those ops each month, and much love goes out to them.

This article has been a while in the making. Sitting and stirring in the eRep segment of my brain, in a more productive world I would have gotten this out some time ago. C'est la vie.

Since returning to eRep, I have made my home with the United States Workers Party. For nearly three months now I have learned from veteran players in the party, built solid relationships with awesome people, and received countless opportunities for advancement, currently holding the mantle of USWP Vice President.

Lately I've been thinking about what drew me to the USWP, what it means to me to be a member. When I was a wide-eyed newb long ago, they were like gods to some. That may be an exaggeration, they were like the cool kids at school. Whatever you thought of them, they got stuff done. Looking around and seeing folks like scrabman, HR (bad example), Zcia, Josh Frost, ligtreb, couldn't help but be impressed.

That was long ago however, and it would be naive to say that the shine is still on the apple. Obviously times have changed, people have changed, things have changed. While still a decent sized party with a storied history, it is not an exaggeration to say that the USWP is a shadow of its former self, brought down by allegations of being undead and a lingering association with a certain individual residing across the pond as of late.

So why did I join? New players get messages from all the major parties and many of the 6ths when they join, so why join the USWP?

Part of it was certainly the people. I got my first USWP PM from Mercurius100, the same gent that recruited me to the AAP back in the day. That tickled my fancy. Nostalgia played a part for sure, joining on the off chance that some of those old vets I remembered were still hanging around.

Obviously, not the most inspiring reasons to back a party; but I have not regretted it for a moment.

Whatever my reasons for joining, what I have found is a party needing just a little more to be great. What I have found is a party moving in the right direction, a party I can be proud of.

Whether in Congressional forums, White House leadership, or just intra-party discussion, our leaders and representatives are working towards what is best for the eUS, what makes best use of the actual functions of the game, and what can be done to provide the best experience for our members, both newfriend and old.

Sometimes this means fighting for what we feel is right, even when it does not have popular support. Other times this means reaching out to other parties and reaching agreement for the good of the eUS. Finally, it means being frank and honest with ourselves and others, not deluding ourselves and instead focusing on the reality and what can be done with it. Working together, our leaders and rising members will continue this tradition and keep the USWP moving forward.

In closing, what the USWP means to me is a solid foundation of great players that work together to advance their nation, their party, and each other.

To Othere, rainy, Wild Owl, Dely and all the others that have helped to create this experience for me, thank you. I look forward to many more months of working with you all.

To the new player that may be reading this, whether you have joined the USWP already or will be doing it shortly, you're the future of this game, you're the future of this party. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Til next time, proud to be USWP!

Vice President, United States Workers Party


Delyruin Day 2,066, 17:49


Delyruin Day 2,066, 17:50


Delyruin Day 2,066, 17:49

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badbrad767 Day 2,066, 17:53

lets keep the USWP moving forward.

proud to be USWP!

DylanBAS Day 2,067, 08:24

RGR is like sisifus. Always having to push the PTO rock up the hill.

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,077, 12:04

Asking people before you use their page breaks is good manners.

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