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[YUUVA] The Wars Effect On ECONOMY (PART 1)

Day 1,875, 18:39 Published in India India by KRAX72

Currently as hopefully most Of you Know, India has been betrayed and Blah Blah Blah... and we started to fight Croatia. The Indian Congress had been Ferociously working to Ally with many countries. Currently we have about 14 to 15 allies depending on when you are reading this.

Well anyway, As many of you have probably noticed we have lost and gained territory against Croatia. But Instead of going into the Jibber Jabber and saying... What losers Croatians are and saying Croatia has shot themselves in the foot, I want to view how this war will effect our Economy.

Well as you know, The economy has been pretty brutal,with jobs paying less money and all, so most can't even afford Weapons to fight. But it isn't their fault, its Croatia's!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY??? THIS IS WHY!!!!!!!!


No direct transport route to the Capital

Jammu and Kashmir
No direct transport route to the Capital

No direct transport route to the Capital

direct transport route to the Capital

No direct transport route to the Capital

Tamil Nadu CAPITAL

Uttar Pradesh
No direct transport route to the Capital

West Bengal
No direct transport route to the Capital

Basically, The only bonuses India gets for the business people is the ones touching our Capital. India's capital is Tamil Nadu and almost every territory has No direct transport route to the Capital except for Kerala!!! Croatia has cornered our Capital and the only bonus India gets is fish, a food bonus.

Fish Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Grain Not available
Fruits Not available
Cattle Not available
Deer Not available
Iron Not available
Saltpeter Not available
Aluminum Not available
Oil Not available
Rubber Not available

This is not helpful at all because that only helps food bussinesses which is not the main concern in heavy war... weapons are the concern!!!

But still we get no weapon bonuses thus the low job payment and HIGH prices for weapons.



The second part will be out soon...!!!
If you don't understand the bonuses concept... there will be an Article on that TOOOO!!!!!!



Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,875, 18:46


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,875, 18:46

Well done... good explanation for ne wplayers who must be wondering why the weapon production dropped suddenly!

Time for some war bonds : D

KRAX72 Day 1,875, 18:49


Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd Day 1,875, 20:03


BrknSword Day 1,875, 20:32


Stolch Day 1,875, 20:56

Actually, the reason Indian capital is in Tamil Nadu is because with their attack Croatia attacked the previous Indian capital and moved it.

The mechanics of the game cause the capital to be moved to the most populous region. My guess would be that many Indian players had moved to Tamil Nadu for an RW to free it and as a result once Croatia occupied the previous capital it became the new one.

While it is conceivable that this is something that might have escaped Indian government at the time as it has much less experience in wagging war and more specifically hostile war, the Croatians are very experienced and were most certainly well aware of this.

However it fits very will within the rest of the gun diplomacy rhetoric that has been going on and the "punishment" track record of Croatia and EDEN to "traitors".

The second point is that food resources are almost worthless in the game to begin with and Croatia has very much with purpose attacked and taken all regions with weapons resources, though some it does not need at all, again only reinforcing that they're carrying out a campaign of aggression.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,875, 21:23

Yeah what that guy said. ^^^ One addition, i would be surprised if eCroatia ever attacks Tamil Nadu. My guess is that they want a buffer between themselves and eIndo. Unfortunatly our new MPPs will prevent eIndo from attacking us for a long time as if they do they will loose all of their MPPs in common with us (which at this point is just about all of them).

So we are left with two options. Push eCroatia out of the southern half of the country to reconnect regions or get them to take Tamil Nadu... either way it will be a long time before we get resource bonuses back...

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,876, 23:42

Good work...

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,876, 04:22

Xicor13 Day 1,876, 05:58

Frankly,weapon prices have fallen instead of rising,where are you living bro : P

its only war which can bring us the population we require to succeed,these resources account to nothing imo

CFovetS Day 1,877, 15:43

If Bulgaria didn't tell Thailand to give India 2 regions that mean nothing back, India would have plenty of resource bonuses right now.

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