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[xordin4CPx2] CP Candidate Manifesto – Part II

Day 1,903, 02:15 Published in India China by lHonouR

In this part I will be covering Finance, Baby boom and Cabinet

Economy and Finances

The programs that I plan to introduce require significant investments. As most of you are aware, our current revenue from taxes is very low (about 500-600cc per day resulting in about 15k cc per month). The current tax regime was implemented to promote India as a trading hub and compete with other markets. However, I feel there is an urgent need to implement reforms and revise the tax structure. These reforms will be proposed and debated with the Congress and the Cabinet.

In addition to tax changes, the government will also undertake fund raising through donations and contribution of congress gold. Congress gold donations were discussed in the current congress and there were many supporters in favour of donating the gold.

The Government Fund Raising Program will be in the form of currency and will be undertaken periodically and will be voluntary. Since the eRepublik Admins DO NOT permit donations to the National Orgs, the funds will be collected in account of a reputed, trusted and responsible member of the community. The Admins will be notified about the account and its purpose to prevent any kind of action by the Admins towards that member. The entire responsibility and accountability for usage of the funds raised will lie with the President and periodic reports will be submitted for the same.

NueveOcho has personally led a drive and raised significant funds and resources for the development of newbies in India (The funds raised by him under 98s Fundation is visible on the following link: 98s Fundation). I want to officially thank him and laud his efforts in this regard. I would also like to thank each and every one of the donors who contributed to the fund. The funds raised were sent to my account and have been partially utilized as donations to the new joinees. The rest is still lying with me and will be contributed towards the government programs.

For the purpose of procuring weapons and food under the various government programs, the government will only purchase from the Indian markets. This is to ensure that the money supply remains within the country. The government also urges the citizens to procure things locally. This will help to improve government finances and to a certain extent counter the fiscal deficit.

The previous governments have built strong reserves over a long period. There is a need to conserve these reserves and use them judiciously. The importance of having a strong reserve increases significantly in the event of wars as we have seen in the past. As on this date we have reserves of 2,192.96 in the form of golds and INR 2.53 million in currencies.

Baby Boom and Retention

We have experienced a mini boom over the past month and have seen many new citizens register and become active. We need to further up the ante in this regard. I would like to request each and every citizen to take up responsibility and contribute towards a viable baby boom. The impact of a strong BB will be positive on all aspects of the country. A viable BB will increase our military strength, improve finances and lead to overall development of India as a nation. However, a baby boom DOES NOT happen overnight and there needs to be a significant effort put towards it. Ashwamedh, Graf and a few others have been leading this battle almost single-handedly, and it is important that all citizens join in for this battle. Getting new players is one aspect but retaining them for the long term is the most important. The efforts of the government will be maximized towards this objective.

Cabinet and Ministries

An experienced and active cabinet is very important for the proper functioning of the government. In the past, cabinets were entirely selected by CPs. However, for my cabinet in the next term, I would like to have a proper mix of youth and experience. It is important that the next generations get more involved in the government to lay a strong foundation for our future.

I would like to INVITE volunteers for the cabinet for this term. Candidates need to be active for atleast 8-10 hours daily and willing to commit efforts to the government. I will be listing out the key responsibilities and guidelines for running of each of the ministries. Members will be required to adhere to these guidelines. All those interested in working in the government please get in touch with me. In case, there are no volunteers over the next 48 hrs, I will appoint a cabinet as I see fit.

My nick (xordin/xordin|away) is 24X7 on the (Rizon) #india, #indianarmy, & my personal, #xordin channels, even if I myself am not online. Please query me (/query my_nick) if there is anything you wish to discuss & I will get back to you soon. You can also message me in the game.

In the end, there is something I would like to share with all of you. Many months ago, when I was still a new and inexperienced player, I made a personal commitment to myself and to certain people whom I admire and look up to. The commitment being to make India into a unified, powerful and active participant in the New World. The resolve to fulfill that commitment has become stronger than ever. Every ounce of strength and will that I have will go towards fulfillment of that commitment. With this resolve, I seek re-election as the President to our beloved nation. Needless to say, irrespective of the outcome of the election, I will continue to contribute for as long as I can for the betterment of the country.

Jai Hind!



lHonouR Day 1,903, 02:17

Pls vote and shout:


Sujithra Gopinath
Sujithra Gopinath Day 1,903, 02:20

Done 🙂

Yoshino Sakurai
Yoshino Sakurai Day 1,903, 02:20

as my promise i can help you if you please it 😃

HullkZilla Day 1,903, 02:32

I Respect and Support Xordin... 🙂

SEP M.V Day 1,903, 02:42


BrknSword Day 1,903, 03:37

GL. 🙂

giladahgua Day 1,903, 03:57


Ind1anMartyr Day 1,903, 04:38

supported o7

Lonqu Day 1,903, 05:15


Asmitatheone Day 1,903, 05:18

You have me in your corner as always, and you know it.

Xicor13 Day 1,903, 05:42

I support you all right,but what exactly does,some important reforms mean,I mean,we all know it can only be improved,what Im asking is,what is in your mind (in the taxes part,I mean)

But,Xordin all the way anyways : D

Treian Day 1,903, 05:47

Excellent. o7

Ashish Raghav
Ashish Raghav Day 1,903, 05:59

nyc 1 o7

mahesh17 Day 1,903, 06:12


Bharmal Day 1,903, 07:09

I am impressed with your outlook. Though, I do have a few suggestion which may or may not be valid.

We can try to generate revenue for the government by other means such as government own companies that produce foods and weapons and sell them in the market. These can also be used for dispatches whenever required. I do not know whether this is possible.

Also, I would suggest keeping 2-3 people in a single ministry with 1 of the person being really experience and the others can be newbies (something like Cabinet Minister and Minister of State). This will not harm the functioning of the government and also allow the newbie to get experience in the particular field. Even this one I do not whether it is possible in the game.

Stolch Day 1,903, 08:07


What you're suggesting about government companies was posible long time ago in the game, now it is not and in general in the current market it will not get any results as the market is world wide and not country-centric. The only competition on the world market is for taxes, where they're loer and hence payed.

The reason why India is not attracting more turnover with it's low taxes is that the local market is very small and for most people, traveling to an unaligned country for small purchases is not worth the extra cost of traveling.

Both will be adressed with a BB and membership to CoT, hence why both are essential for the further development of India not only militarily but economically.

As for the cabinet, I think xordin has the right idea, but is taking it a little too far. You should consider piking an experienced minister in each ministry and then have them get their own apprentices who they can guide and teach. At the start of development every country has problems associated with not enough ready players to fill all of it's needs hen it comes to governance, this will change overtime.

MikeEhrmantraut Day 1,903, 10:42

Do you plan on increasing taxes ? I think you need to elaborate on the new tax regime that you view to be beneficial.

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,903, 11:25


Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,903, 12:39

Nice plans, we'll support you all you need...

Ajay Bhasy
Ajay Bhasy Day 1,903, 21:13

Respect And Support You

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,904, 00:23

Supported, also, people should listen to what Richard is saying...

Mav10 DK
Mav10 DK Day 1,904, 12:15

Gib me all your monies! XD

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