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[WYD] One More For The Road (Day 1885)

Day 1,885, 14:44 Published in India Canada by Addy Lawrence


This is my last article as an eIndian. After I click publish, I will be applying for citizenship in Turkey and joining my colleagues in UAgg at United Aggression HQ over there. After that, I'll be applying for citizenship in eCanada where I plan to live out the rest of my e-days.

Final thoughts...

Overall, eIndia has been good to me and I have been good to it. It has been EXACTLY the small country experience I was looking for after the big country experience I sought in eUS. In the final analysis, eIndia is not for me, it is not my home and I am not prepared to change my ways in order to make me fit the fine home that eIndia has to offer. There already is a place built for me that provides a very suitable home and that is eCanada, I look forward to returning there.

eIndia is in tough right now. There is a thriving community of RL Indians who RL-play hard, note that I used RL and not role, they RL-play hard, not role-play. The problem is that they don't game-play near at all and this will greatly impact their RL-play environment. eIndia is about to completely lose their in-game presence. It will be very difficult to have a baby boom and retain those babies when there is no eIndia on the map.

eIndia is going to lose Tamil Nadu today which will complete the wipe of eIndia. This will ensure no congress on Feb 25. With the support of its MPPs, eIndia has only been able to win 2 of the 15 or more battles in the war with Croatia, and that was with the support of UAgg. UAgg is just about gone now, and with it a large chunck of eIndia's damage capacity. It will take many RW for eIndia to reclaim it's country. I wish eIndian's the best.

I am quite skeptical that eIndia will garner enough allied support to win these RW. eIndia doesn't offer anything to its allies, they only ask. With less than 100 active citizens in-game and less than 10 who even do anything resembling tanking, eIndia is pretty much doomed to remain wiped. The only solution that I see is some country taking exception to eCroatia and attacking eCroatia and claiming eIndia for their own. That won't be easy, eCroatia has allies and eCroatia stands to gain WAY more from it's holdings in eIndia in comparison to falling back to its RL regions. eCroatia will defend hard. This is a tough situation.

I hope that the powers that be in eIndia learn from this experience. It is playing out similar to how eUK was about a year ago, and it took a long time for eUK to recover and only after a significant leadership shift took place. And eUK had a much larger population than eIndia does.


I earned a TP medal in eIndia and I had to incur 400,000,000 damage to do it. I look forward to earning my next TP medal in eCanada.

Good luck, eIndia.

Who's your daddy?

Addy's your daddy!!!



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,885, 14:45

Please consider voting and shouting this article:

One More For The Road

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,885, 14:47

Hail Addy!! Voted and shouted!

Zinaa Day 1,885, 14:52

now that PTO'ers & traitors & brainwashers are gone, hopefully things in eIndia will improve.......
Only time will tell
good luck India

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 1,885, 15:01

Do not accept candy from this man.

Stolch Day 1,885, 15:11

"In the final analysis, eIndia is not for me, it is not my home and I am not prepared to change my ways in order to make me fit the fine home that eIndia has to offer. There already is a place built for me that provides a very suitable home and that is eCanada, I look forward to returning there."

I think this is hitting it on the nail.....

Zinaa Day 1,885, 15:14

^^ Do u ever sleep India's tiger?

Stolch Day 1,885, 15:15


It's a bit early for bed in Toronto ; )

Zinaa Day 1,885, 15:19

i was talking in general not right now lol

Plugson Day 1,885, 15:38

Well that's some interesting news. Looking forward to seeing who re-applies for eCan CS. We can certainly use the heavy-hitters now.

Roger Griswald
Roger Griswald Day 1,885, 15:39

I am in toronto right now, well actually in Markham

Hem Sharma
Hem Sharma Day 1,885, 16:00

@zona80. lol

Stolch Day 1,885, 16:08


Well anytime you feel like a beer, I'm always up to it, even willing to take the chance to be clubbed to death over the head : D

I'm downtown, church and adelaid abouts

Christopher Edwards II
Christopher Edwards II Day 1,885, 16:35

They always have the option of going for a diplomatic solution like Switzerland did with Slovenia.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,885, 16:54


George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,885, 17:46

So Addy's coming back to eCan?


klop123 Day 1,885, 19:19

Everyone should just return to eCanada... it is where the fun is after all.

Rolo Tahmasee
Rolo Tahmasee Day 1,885, 22:13

I always knew all you traitors would eventually slither back...

Mystela Day 1,885, 22:42

^ Says the longest, fatest, not fastest snake in the grass in the annals of eCanada, maybe even of the game. o7

Khurram Soul Collector
Khurram Soul Collector Day 1,886, 23:19

Good luck Addy!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Day 1,886, 08:16

Good luck Addy. Dignity and Pride retained.

Graf Sprat
Graf Sprat Day 1,886, 08:28

" I wish eIndian's the best."

LoL.. By hitting against eIndia.. ?

Karan 1970
Karan 1970 Day 1,886, 08:46

lol Graf.. "D"addy caught in the act ..

Ind1anMartyr Day 1,886, 08:51

ah well... que sera sera


Muglack Day 1,886, 11:58

You told me a week ago in PMs that you weren't coming back. Now I read this.

Shoot me a pm when you need your CS approved.

India101 Day 1,886, 20:31

Addy good luck to you

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