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[WYD] Hello eTurkey, Good-bye eTurkey (Day 1887)

Day 1,887, 09:49 Published in Turkey Canada by Addy Lawrence


My name is Addy Lawrence and I am a member of United Aggression. This article is to introduce myself to eTurkey and, ironically, to say goodbye to eTurkey.

On the thank-yous that are in order...

First off, I am very impressed with eTurkey's government. They were so accommodating and welcoming in accepting United Aggression into their nation that they changed the minimum wage in the country, lowering it, so that we could run our weapons commune. That is impressive and I thank them very much.

Second, I'd like to thank DaddyCooL88 for approving my citizenship request.

Third, I'd like to thank CFovetS for negotiating the opportunity for our MU to operate out of eTurkey and for organizing the switch from eIndia to eTurkey.

On a quick introduction...

My name is Addy Lawrence. I am an active player in-game but I don't spend much time on forums nor IRC. I like the media module and the political module. I do not intend to get involved in eTurkey politics but I do intend to support the military activities of our MU, United Aggression.

On a quick good-bye...

The happiest and most enjoyable times I've had in this game were in eCanada. I am returning there to live out the rest of my e-days.

Please forgive me for what would appear to be a "wasting" of a citizenship approval. Unfortunately for me, maintaining ties to the most enjoyable and engaging collection of players I've been involved with AND living in the country where I have the most fun, requires me to become a citizen of eTurkey, join the UAgg MU, and then leave for eCanada. I apologize to the eTurkey government for this.


I wish eTurkey all the best and I owe you a favour for your kindness.

Who's your daddy?

Addy's your daddy!!!



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,887, 09:51

Please consider voting and shouting this article:

Hello eTurkey! Goodbye eTurkey!

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Day 1,887, 09:55


Xsi Leah
Xsi Leah Day 1,887, 09:57

________██████_________█____daha karpuz______ █
_____███████████_______█__kesecektik panpa__ █

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 1,887, 10:16


Anotherlamedrunk Day 1,887, 10:32

United Aggression should just come back home to Canada.

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,887, 10:54

United Aggression should just come back home to Canada.


Plugson Day 1,887, 11:04

United Aggression should play the game wherever they feel most welcome and have the most fun.

While I can't be certain about the former, certainly the latter has been true for eCanada as of late. The new shake-up in the alliances has given eCanada an outlet for better gameplay (even if we appear to be on the short-end of the stick in terms of firepower).

Good to have you back, Addy.
Take off your coat, and stay for a while.

Zinaa Day 1,887, 11:48

Good luck Addy and all the best

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,887, 13:44

I am glad to have you in the MU Addy!!

DeMaRaVeR Day 1,888, 04:09

Xsi Leah +1

AttilaBleda Day 1,889, 05:04

Goodbye o/

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