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[WYD] eIndia Tax Revenue Update (Day 1811)

Day 1,811, 10:09 Published in India Canada by Addy Lawrence


I have always been a fan of the economy module of eRep and I've been disappointed over the years as admin has "dummied down" this module. Nontheless, I keep track of what is going on. Here is a quick look at the eIndian national economy since I started taking a personal interest in it nine days ago.

eIndia's general ledger...

eRep provide very limited ways to review the financial history and performance of a nation. They do provide a complete list of the financial transactions that go through congress however they are not date stamped beyond the last 30 days. Admin does provide the current balance in the treasury but no historical balances. There is absolutely no record of tax revenues.

To get tax revenues, you have to note the account balance on a given day, wait, note it on another day, factor in the financial expenditures that went through congress, and then solve for tax revenue. This is how I determine tax revenues, and I log it in a general ledger, included below:

I've included the movers of the motions as well as the nature of the motion. I haven't missed any days in this schedule but when I do, I average the revenues for the period between the two dates observed.

On the plot of daily revenues...

Some people don't like numbers and prefer pictures, below is a graphical representation of the general ledger. Note that I've included the rate of VAT in this analysis as VAT is the primary revenue generator in the eRep economies.

The green line is the rolling 7 day average, I'll add 14 day and 30 day rolling averages once I have the requisite number of observations.

On preliminary observations about eIndia's economy...

eIndia is a poor country. With daily tax revenues averaging about $1,200 this only projects to 36,000 per month which is only enough for three MPPs!!! This leaves very little for social programs or MU funding which are government programs that I'm used to seeing in eCan and eUS.

There are no quick fixes to generating tax revenue in eRep, and I have a new found appreciation for the constraints that the eIndia government has to operate within.


I hope you enjoyed the info, comments and feedback are encouraged.

For the conspiracy theorists out there, I'd like to make a tongue in cheek comment that I am personally very disappointed in how little INR are in the treasury because this makes the UAgg PTO of eIndia for financial reasons a huge bust!!!

Who's your daddy?

Addy's your daddy!!!



Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,811, 10:11

Please vote and shout this article:

eIndia Economic Update

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,811, 10:16

Excellent article, voted.

klop123 Day 1,811, 10:18

oh noes, no PTO of eIndia 0.O

Nice analysis though.

olivermellors Day 1,811, 10:23

income from region rentals??
good show, but no PTO.

DrShYaM Day 1,811, 10:31

We got like 10k gold , that quite a lot for a small country .

Lonqu Day 1,811, 10:37

@DrShYaM: Shame the value of that gold is not great right now.

Good analysis. o7

Mystela Day 1,811, 13:09

@ Oliver, Croatia (Romper) was paying us 2g per month for the rental of my ocean front beach house in South Thailand. I threatened to evict him once for non-payment, but he promised he'd pay on the first... never received a cent, although I suppose the gov't may have. :{

At any rate, 2g per region doesn't translate into a whole lot of cash, although I suppose that as allies, India has probably received a more generous rent, than Thai did.

Fighter100 Day 1,811, 16:04

Hard to survive in this eEconomy.

voted. o7

Ethel Rosenberg
Ethel Rosenberg Day 1,811, 16:48

Voted... well done Addy.

MohanB Day 1,811, 17:15

Voted!! great info for us to know...
especially with dictators like Alector, Hamturk, Mav, etc 😛

George Beeman
George Beeman Day 1,811, 17:40

With 5% VAT it's no surprise that you guys are poor.

BrknSword Day 1,811, 19:46


Nice Analysis.


Asmitatheone Day 1,811, 20:08

Addy, the next govt wud look to change the situation.
the focus shall be economic reforms and retention!!!
lets all work together.

ArawnLives Day 1,811, 22:31

Great article, voted!

Additionally - our region rent is pretty impressive, but I wish we were being paid more regularly.

Rohan AnanthaKrishna
Rohan AnanthaKrishna Day 1,812, 07:10

all what our future politicians say r jokes and must not be taken literally 😛 When they say they will change it pls laugh instead of saying "OK We'll help" xD

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