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[WTP]- The Future Looks Bright , or, a Voting Referendum

Day 1,897, 14:23 Published in USA USA by Hale26
Evening WTP,

As you all know, POTUS elections are just around the corner. With our nation under DEFCON 5 PTO threat, we usually host primaries on the forums and go through the Unity process.
WTP will support ___, USWP will support____, Feds will support _____, AMP will support _____..etc

You know the drill.

But this time, things will be a bit different.

WTP believing in Populist principles, the Leadership has been working on various things as of late to take voting off the forums and put it back into the hands of the non-meta-gamers too. Mike Ontry, our resident tech genius, has created a new program that will allow all WTPers to vote for their choice for POTUS without stepping foot on the forums

Not like you can *step* on forums 😉

This system has a registered set of IDs it will allow to vote. Also, it will send a confirmation PM to all voters to ensure they are voting- Not someone abusing the system

If you would like to try the system, please click here

Most of you haven't been given voting rights, and it is currently on "congress" mode. However, soon enough WTP's Comms Dept will have an adapted list of all "safe" voters. (Real WTPers, not PTOers. *Cough* Zeng *Cough*)

Feel free to try to break the tool. No, literally, TRY TO BREAK IT. Mike and other members of Leadership have put the tool through extensive testing, but it wouldn't hurt to do some extra work as well.

The tool will, no severe breaking planned for, change the face of how we vote as a party.

No longer will the Primaries be limited to those who wish to Meta-Game.

No longer will your POTUS nominee be decided by 22 odd people on a subforum of a sub forum.

This tool, and the Leadership who made it are going to pave the path for our future. And WTP, I assure you,

The Future Looks Bright

...BUT, before we change the system, we would like your say on it. Can't build a good future without learning from the voices of the present 😉

The following are screen caps of the new tool...

Do you like this tool?
Please voice your opinion here


WTP Director of Communications.
SHS Leader

Aside- WTP is looking for volunteers ASAP. PM Hale26 for details.


Hale26 Day 1,897, 14:24

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

Oh, and Jason was selected just cause. Nothing personal JK ^_~

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,897, 14:25

Mike Ontry is God. This is a really impressive initiative, I'm impressed WTP!

MazzyCat Day 1,897, 14:26

For the People,
By the People,
We The People !

I told y'all exciting things where happening! 😃

MEOW! < 3

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,897, 14:27

Mike freakin' rocks HARD!

Ariakis Day 1,897, 14:35

What does it really change, if the next PotUS (oh ok, Unity Candidate) is still being picked by a bunch of metagamers?
And why should I care about primaries if one way or another, I won't see my guy/girl on the list on the 5th of the month?

MazzyCat Day 1,897, 14:42

@Ariakis This is so that WTP can bring the vote to the people. Not just the WTP metagamers. While it will not fix all the problems nationally - Should we just throw up our arms and give up? Absolutely not! I have hopes that other parties will see the benefit of this system and instigate. Therefore removing the Unity from the metagamers and into their entire parties. Yes some will scream and cry about why this will not work, but we have the ability to prove them wrong.

Meow! < 3

kavinaugh Day 1,897, 15:08

hmm, seems pretty interseting. voted, hope all of unity uses something like this

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,897, 15:10

This is a great initiative and I will bring the voting back into the game and away from the 'meta gamers', I have supported bring everything -including Congress- back here where it belongs....

Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Day 1,897, 16:12

Nice tool, good job Mike o/

Bucephalus92 Day 1,897, 16:39

Really great job putting this together, still I find the level of optimism that Mazzy has to be mildly sickening.

Candor Day 1,897, 17:15

Any system (hyperbole, excuse me) is better than an access controlled forum, I wish this one great success.Mike is great!

MazzyCat Day 1,897, 17:42

@Bucephalus92 < 3 I'm so keeping that in my bag of best compliments EVER! 😉

Rice Racer
Rice Racer Day 1,898, 10:09

Why is it telling me I'm not allowed to vote this month?

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