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[WTP] Profit Warnings Vol. I - Things to do in a troubled economy [Newbs]

Day 1,909, 20:23 Published in USA USA by iP5ych0

Basically these articles will be used to educate the newbs, and all other players who wish to read them. This is the first in a stream of articles I will be writing to help out the general population. This volume will obviously be used as the framework, the organization and display will get much better as time goes on. Now without further ado, I'd like to show a couple pictures real quick, Green = Profit, Red = Loss.



Gold is a nice resource to have in this game, but the high amount that you gain early in the game makes some think it is worth less than it really is.

Gold should be used to upgrade your Training Center, as the quicker you gain strength, the quicker you will get Super Soldier (SS for short) medals. They will net you 5 gold for every 250 points of strength gained.
Military Units

Military Units (MU's for short) are groups of people fighting together toward a common goal or for a common cause. You will receive a daily order from your Unit Commander or your Regiment Leader which, upon completion, nets you parts for 1 bazooka (10,000 damage and a 1 hit kill for 3 separate attacks)and an Energy Bar (+100 Energy, no limit to the amount used in 1 day.)

Here are a couple good MU's that I'd like to share and recommend you join, that will help you get started in this game. Check out each one and have a chat with each leader as to see which unit you will fit in best.

eUS Training Corps, eUSAF Flight Training, and VMA-214 The Black Sheep
That's it for this edition of Profit Warnings, tune in next time for updated stats, more information, and more of myself.



iP5ych0 Day 1,909, 20:27

Reserved for Teh People!

Roper 70
Roper 70 Day 1,909, 21:13

Good job!
Baaaa o7

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,909, 21:43

Excellent, shouting.

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 1,909, 21:47

nice work

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,909, 22:05


kitmen Day 1,910, 00:18

With these charts for the factories do those numbers reflect how much you make/lose with producing the RMs, importing them, or what?

jkeller4000 Day 1,910, 08:03

the profit there shown is .03 selling price. not many can get this price or sell enough to not fill their storage full in a few days. i would suggest stating the conditions used so people can see how realistic it is. i could say i make 300cc in my rubber plantation and that it is possible to make that much. if i don't say the way i account is that i sell my raw weapons to myself at 1cc each and then take a loss in my weapon factory.

the reason i say this is because we have lots of weapon raw materials on the market! and with skewed numbers like thoes you are suggesting that people build more weapon raw materials. ha bad idea. their storage will fill up and they won't know why the yare not makeing as much as they should!

iP5ych0 Day 1,910, 09:38

Well, it is true that the newer players don't have as big of a storage as a lot of the older players do, I'm mainly just concerned about how some players are just throwing their WRM and FRM out like .02 lower than current values just to get it to sell. When you're getting this low of a value from your production .02 is a big loss.

And I'm sorry for the vagueness of the charts up there. Like I said, this is only Vol. I and it will get better and more descriptive in the coming volumes. Hopefully more aesthetically pleasing as well.

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