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[WTP]~ My Manifesto

Day 2,182, 13:42 Published in USA USA by Hale26
High office teaches decision making, not substance. It consumes intellectual capital; it does not create it. Most high officials leave office with the perceptions and insights with which they entered; they learn how to make decisions but not what decisions to make.

-Henry A. Kissinger

Into the last good fight I'll ever know...

I am running for Party President of We The People.

I announced this in my previous article a little more than a day ago,Once more into the Fray….My main mission as Party President is to fix the slumber WTP has fallen into. At the end of my 3rd term as Party President WTP was as I was; Active, hyped and ready to go.

Now it seems both of us aren’t in the exact same state. By the end of this term, if I’m graciously given your trust for the fourth time, one of us will be at the peak of our excellence. The other will be needing a long, long vacation to recover from the effort put into making that happen.

For all our sake’s, mainly mine, I have more than talk and experience backing this candidature up. As promised last article, I have an outline for the upcoming term.

Despite my partisan side, my policy is largely one of internal focus. Near all the time in past term’s of mine were dedicated to this. It is of my belief that parties are to act as faucets of activity, life, communication and training for eAmerica. Through these fine attributes that every party should strive for, talent is both recreated and attracted. This talent goes onto devote more activity to eAmerica as a whole, increasing the party’s pride and doing the nation well. It’s a virtuous cycle.

For activity on a membership scale to be created, it is of the upmost importance to have an efficient, effective party leadership. This is why I go back to internal growth near always; It is the door to success that parties must open if they wish to reach their fullest.

My plan for internal success centers around strong communication, outreach and recruitment, constant stimulation and talent fluidity. Allow me to explain;

Strong Communication a very nice phrase, especially for party platforms. Allow me to break down the broadness that I assign this to.

The illusion of activity is very much so more important than actual activity. This is something that I commonly hail as a key truth of any term I embark in. That is not to say that one can simply slack off and do nothing. It is to say that results and technical victories are not near as good for the party as engaging the party in these results, big or small. This stimulates the party, engages the membership and helps the Leadership solidify the worth of their results through affirming that they did in fact occur.

If elected, I will be returning to my Three Spears of Communication policy. Now more aplty named than ever !

Weekly newsletters to be MMed out to the party.
This covers the Personal Spear of Communication. Through weekly newsletters, compounded with normal election notices, the party can remain up-to-date on a personal level on party matters.

★ ★ One shout everyday.
This covers the Community Spear of Communication. Through daily shouts, extremely interested partiers can gain a slightly closer look at what the party is doing with just one click. These notices let the party know that Leadership is still alive, active and progressing. They help my personal organization too.

★ ★ ★ Two articles a week, minimum
This covers the National Spear of Communication. Through a consistent media prescense, we inform the nation of our goings-ons and provide the party a feel-good rallying point. Gotta rack up those INSURGIOs~
Constant Stimulation

Strong Communication provides a great deal of wide, untargetted stimulation to the party. However, it is important that we provide targetted stimulation to the partiers themselves.

To elaborate, some parties would call this a “Retention Department”. Not out of trying to sound superior here, I would prefer to call mine a Team. This is for the simple fact that everyone has their own, constant role to carry out.

Member Relations;
Member Relation’s main goal is to launch targetted PMs to help partiers feel at home in the party. Currently, MR already PMs new joiners. What I would like to see is MR taking on additional staff to PM random, older members about their ingame experiences. A biweekly checkin, one could say.

I myself did both of these tasks before my PPship with great success. I had conversations ranging from teddy bears, communism, keynesian vs austrian...etc. Yes, it’s simple. But joy lies in the little things, right?

★★WTP Writer’s Association;
The WTPWA’s goal is to promote media in eAmerica. Not so much to promote strictly WTP media.

WTPWA would serve as a semi-national forum for writers, both WTP and non-WTP to gain exposure in the media space. Through putting our banner under their article, they’d get comments and reads from WTP. This was started earlier by myself, but failed due to lack of time and high expectation. Rest assured, I have a competent person on this and my expectations are not much more levelled.

★★★Forum Points Scoring;
Assigns points for activity on the shout feeds, forums...etc. This isn’t a new tool. Really, just an under-staffed one. I created FPS almost a year ago, so I can say with upmost confidence that given the authority, I can get people on this. Expect weekly updates. Nothing less, nothing more.

★★★★Words and Interesting Numbers;
WIN’s goal will be to get as many of our partiers access to IRC and Forums as possible. They will keep a database of everyone on the Forums and all partiers who have used IRC as a result of their efforts. Essentially, WIN’s goal is to open doors for meta-involvement to the base.

★★★★★Pony Whalers;
Name completely owed to Geronimo100. Directors and workers of every sup-dept of Retention would come together at least once per week in a PM thread or the like to talk about new retention initiatives in the party. These could be lottos, contests, forum games...etc. By ensuring that the Retention Dept’s workers all have solid tasks and are well staffed, they will be able to devote their experience and creativity towards fun things for the party to do. A structured department of FUN, hidden inside the Retention Department. Brilliant, amirite?
Outreach and Recruitment

It is a fact that recruitment and outreach keeps a party running. Through reaching out to newbs and older players alike, more and more members are found for the party. This means more raw talent that our various departments can foster into active partiers. This in turn aids to the recruitment of more members. Another virtuous cycle.

Our numbers have suffered greatly as of late. This is partially due to the decline in eAmerica. Largely, it is due to political apathy and lack of recruitment.

This will be solved through the reformation of the ★Outreach Program★. Outreach will PM all newbs twice in the first 3 days of their life, giving them greater information on the party. It will also reach out to older, uninvolved players it finds from MU x-references, online lists...etc. You name it, they’ll do it.

I except great things from a reformation of the Outreach Program. It worked last time in its prime; It'll work this time again.
★Talent Fluidity★

Easily the simplest of all my policies. Talent fluidity involves both reaching out to active members for party work and reassessing present worker’s efforts every 2 weeks. During my last term I was always on the hunt for more, active partiers. It is doubtless that this will be the case yet again.

It's rather unordinary for a Party Presidential Candidate to unveil this much of their plans in an article. For both myself and the you, the partier, it's important that I break the norms here. The next term will take a great amount of planning on my part to run smoothly. If I want to deliver my successor a more active, engaged WTP, promises must be made and they must be public.

This is the second of three Party Presidential articles. My final one will be out in a few days, probably midway through the primaries. It will detail some of my personal, long-term plans for the party and some long-term problems we have always had. Might even include a Cabinet, if you're lucky.

Always yours,

To shout:


The Grand Plan, Unveiled


Hale26 Day 2,182, 13:43

Two down, One to go.

The Mike
The Mike Day 2,182, 13:59

Hale 😘


Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,182, 14:09

Hear, hear!


Tanishq Day 2,182, 14:09

It is of the utmost importance to have an efficient, effective party leadership. \o/


MazzyCat Day 2,182, 15:33

Are you saying I don't write enough 😛

Meow! ♥

Hale26 Day 2,182, 19:28

MazzyCat Day 2,182, 19:30

It's ok - I know that I don't. 😛

Mike Ontry
Mike Ontry Day 2,182, 18:24


Synesi Day 2,182, 20:48

I remember you before you wanted to be pee-pee

Pompous Day 2,183, 13:47

"My main mission as Party President is to fix the slumber WTP has fallen into."



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