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[WRP] - Guide to being new to a political party

Day 1,860, 10:21 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George
So you've joined a new party, what next, how can you get involved and help your new party

Primarily this is aimed for citizens joining the Workers' Right Party however it may be useful for citizens joining any party.

Getting involved with the Workers' Rights Party (WRP), fundamentally it starts with your thoughts, views and opinions. Even if you are new you can still let the leadership of the party know what you think about the party, the eUK or even the eWorld.

If you are looking for a low activity approach;

- Vote in all Party President, Congress and Country President Elections.

- Make yourself known on the party feed. Introduce yourself, comment on other members thoughts and news, vote any ideas or suggestions you approve of.

If you are looking for a medium activity approach, as well as the above;

- Support any party articles publish by voting and shouting (in your friends feed), dependent if you like/approve the article of course.

The Workers' Rights Party, we respect all members views and there are no expectations or party lines with the exception that we'd like our members to treat other citizens respectfully and in a manner you'd expect to be treated yourself.

- If you have any friends which are not in a political party or looking for a new party you could ask them to join you in your party.

- Read and comment on other articles in the media, however again remember to be respectful.

If you are looking for a high activity approach

- Join the world of a political journalist, write an article in your newspaper explaining why you joined and encouraging others to consider joining or what you feel separates the party from other parties in the UK.

- Ask to join or support the Leadership of the party, each party has the positions the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Councillor and the Spokesman.

- Run for Congress(Parliament) (Although you will need the support of a Top 5 party Party President however this does not always mean you must leave your smaller party for good!)

- There are external forums and IRC, you can join and involve yourself with which can benefit the party long-term.

- Ask the Country President or their cabinet/ministries to hold junior/senior positions in their cabinet/ministries. Cross-party coalition have always worked well in the past, so don't worry if you are not in the same party of the Country President.

- Finally you could even ask your party to support your bid to become President/Prime Minister of the United Kingdom \o/.

The "leadership" of the party generally looks after the party with the Party President, how this works is different for each party however it’s the Leadership Council in the Workers’ Right Party and consists of;

In the WRP the Vice President supports the Party President in deciding overall party strategy, maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation, encouraging recruitment, deciding party policy and providing help and guidance to new party members. They also help keep the Party President informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK

In the WRP the Spokesman would be expected support the Party President in representing the party via the media to let the citizens of the eUK know what the party stands and the party's views on the state of the eUK. They would also support the Party President and Vice President in maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation. They would also work with the Secretary General to recruit new members.

In the WRP the The Secretary General would be expected to support the Party President in our recruitment policy and advise on the general morale and spirit of the party. An independent check that the Party President and Vice President are keeping our members happy.

In the WRP, the Councillor would be expected to support the party president in deciding the policy which guides of the party and keeping the PP informed regarding the current political climate of the eUK.

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Vice President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit
Member of Congress(Parliament)
Former Minster of Foreign Affairs


myheadstone Day 1,860, 12:50

Makes things clearer about what roles our Party members can expect to do. Thanks for taking the time and effort to write this. As always my respect goes out to you for the work you do on EREPUBLIK and for the EUK.

lancer450 Day 1,860, 14:12

Good job. Great advice. : ) Voted!

FightAndProduce Day 1,861, 23:39

Great job,this is a real help to what people like me can do to help our political party


Alphabethis Day 1,861, 03:06

voted, good for newbies.

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,861, 06:01

Thank you myheadstone, lancer450, FightAndProduce and Alphabethis. \o/

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