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[WRP] An introduction and reasons to j oin

Day 1,828, 23:16 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George

Our ethos

The WRP want to make sure the eUK is full of dedicated active and well-informed citizens supported by their government. We are dedicated to ensuring equality and enhancing society for all eUK citizens. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity.

Meet the Leadership Team

We have recently elected a new Party President, myheadstone.

In the WRP the Party President decides overall party strategy, maintains and enhances the party's reputation, encourages recruitment, decides party policy and gives new party members help and guidance. They also keep informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

Huey George remains the current Vice President.

In the WRP the Vice President supports the Party President in deciding overall party strategy, maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation, encouraging recruitment, deciding party policy and providing help and guidance to new party members. They also help keep the Party President informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

We also have a new spokesman, Freebairn

In the WRP the Spokesman would be expected support the Party President in representing the party via the media to let the citizens of the eUK know what the party stands and the party's views on the state of the eUK. They would also support the Party President and Vice President in maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation. They would also work with the Secretary General to recruit new members.

The Workers Rights Party are currently looking for a Secretary General and Councillor, these roles could be filled by you;

The Secretary General would be expected to support the Party President in our recruitment policy and advice on the general morale and spirit of the party. An independent check that the Party President and Vice President are keeping our members happy

myheadstone remains the Councillor until a suitable successor is identified.

In the WRP, the Councillor supports the party president in deciding the policy which guides of the party and keeping the PP informed regarding the current political climate of the eUK.

Party Goals

- Increase the proportion of citizens who can support themselves and contribute to society without direct aid to fight or recovery energy.

- Improved the economy of the eUK leading to higher wages for all and better prices for goods.

- Continue supporting the publication of in-game media/newspapers which has become more active and inclusive

- Improve in-game media/newspapers so it becomes a better forum for debate, using it for wider consultation and referendum to form policy.

- Ensure the eUK remains a fun and inclusive society

How can you help?

Join the Workers’ Rights Party – Together we can work towards these goals

Read, comment on and vote articles published in the media via in-game newspaper more often.

Play independently and think, don’t measure your loyalty on the amount of weapons and energy you are supplied with.

Enjoy the experience!

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Vice President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit


lancer450 Day 1,828, 23:21

Good luck to the WRP. Voted. : D

Bohemond4 Day 1,828, 23:58

best of luck to you all!

Voted (:

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,828, 23:58

Top bunch of lads and deserve to be one of the eUK's top parties O7

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,828, 09:18

Thank you lancer450, Bohemond4, and Dr Hugh Jardon.

You all have my great respect 07

Alphabethis Day 1,828, 11:09


Samoss The Great
Samoss The Great Day 1,828, 14:02

best of luck

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,828, 14:29

Thanks Alphabethis and Samoss The Great

Again you both have my great respect 07

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