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[WRP] - A view from Parliament - Issue 5

Day 1,845, 06:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George


A long overdue “A view from Parliament”, this article will discuss a few law proposals, two completed and one outstanding. I’ll also mention a little bit about our new Country President, my thoughts of being appointed a Minister of Foreign Affairs. I'll end with some brief statistics about the allies we currently hold MPP with.

Law proposals

The two completed law proposals are;

President of United Kingdom proposed a mutual protection pact with Slovakia.

I voted YES, This was because although ranked 60th Slovakia has been a supportive ally and our existing MPP has allowed our citizens opportunities at times to fight in Slovakian wars to gain experience whilst supporting allies and improving our new world reputation.

The voted ended;
30 YES votes and 4 NO votes in the UK
35 YES votes and 1 NO vote in Slovakia

President of Latvia proposed a mutual protection pact with United Kingdom

I voted YES, This was because I believed although slightly weaker than the UK, Latvia are a good ally. Again like Slovakia, our existing MPP with Latvia has allowed our citizens opportunities at times to fight in Latvian wars to gain experience whilst supporting allies and improving our new world reputation

The voted ended;
28 YES votes and 2 NO votes in the UK
32 YES votes and 0 NO votes in Latvia

The one pending law proposal is;

Belgium has been proposed as Natural Enemy.

I plan to vote NO. This is because as I understand the arrangement our Country President has come up with the Belgian Country President. The Belgian congress is currently voting YES to NE-ing us, this enables us to have a training war. We will hold our NE in reserve in-case the UK is threaten with a real war from an opportunist neighbor, as many of you already know, if this law proposal is successful in the UK, the UK would have to wait 7 days before its congress could vote again for a Natural Enemy.

Currently the vote stands (05.53 Day 1,845 of the New World);
7 YES votes to 24 NO vote in the UK
19 YES votes to 1 NO votes in Belgium

Although as always I welcome the view of my constituents. Please feel free to comment or personal message me.

UK Country President Elections
As you all are most likely aware, BigAnt was successful in his campaign to become Country President. This was a great result, not only because BigAnt will make a great CP however also because my party the Workers’ Rights Party supported BigAnt of UKPP alongside New Era.

Here is his cabinet.

Minster of Foreign Affairs

My appointment to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Minister was a pleasant surprise. I look forward to working with WayneKerr (Country Vice President - Foreign), Frerk (also Minster of Foreign Affairs), as well as the Junior/Deputy Minsters of Foreign Affairs, Elisa Vorimberg, 5butjam and James Scarlet. And of course the rest of BigAnt's cabinet. As in all matters I will try my best to perform well in this new role and be of help to the UK.


Something I was thinking about before I was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs was that it'd be useful for the average eUK citizen to have a greater awareness of the MPPs we spend our tax income on. So below please find a brief summary.

This hopefully gives you, my constituents, a little more knowledge about the current countries the UK holds MPP with their relative number of citizens and number of fighters (fought in the past 24hrs). All this information you can obtain from yourself.

Closing thoughts

I'm a little disappointed to see that not all my fellow congress members are voting in law proposals, please make sure if you are in congress you use your vote.

Who are the Workers' Rights Party?

The Workers’ Rights Party is a political party which strives to see the eUK is full of dedicated, active and well-informed citizens supported by their government. We are dedicated to ensuring equality and enhancing society for all eUK citizens. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity.

How can you help?

Join the Workers’ Rights Party – Together we can work towards a better, stronger and brighter eUK

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Vice President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit
Member of Congress(Parliament)
Minister of Foreign Affairs


nathaner Day 1,845, 06:10


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 1,845, 06:17


Rogue trooper
Rogue trooper Day 1,845, 06:27

a nice read Voted

Alphabethis Day 1,845, 06:38

wow, very interesting. And the final table with the fighters is a real tool for calculating our damage in case of war. I wouldn't have voted the Slovakia MPP. It's good to be nice with smaller countries, but we are always whining about the lack of money ( even when we have 2+ millions in the bank), so...

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,845, 07:15

Another impressive article Huey. Your updates are always welcome to those who don't use the other forms of communication in this game and you have really embraced your position in Government and Congress. A credit to your party and Congress.

Top, top work as always

T White II
T White II Day 1,845, 07:24


very nice, top work

Elvis Trout
Elvis Trout Day 1,845, 08:06

well done

EtzeL the Hun
EtzeL the Hun Day 1,845, 09:18

v19 s53

Spygon Day 1,845, 10:55

I thought we weren't supposed to be afraid of our neighbors WE NEED WAR etc etc

lancer450 Day 1,845, 12:57

Voted! Very well done. : )

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,845, 14:58

Thanks nathaner, Don, Rogue trooper, Alphabethis, Hugh, T White II, Elvis Trout, EtzeL the Hun, Spygon and lancer450.

Also Spygon, I don't it's fear that grips BigAnt and the cabinet. I think it's prudence and wise caution to hold our NE in reserve. The military units and citizenship of the UK are strong enough to manage in a training war with Belguim without the bonus declaring a Natural Enemy would bring. I think the majority of the population of the UK will be pleased with this war.

myheadstone Day 1,845, 22:51

Excellent article, thanks for all your articles, it gives me and probably a few others an insight to what you need to know in politics.

Bohemond4 Day 1,846, 23:07

Also Spygon, I don't it's fear that grips BigAnt and the cabinet. I think it's prudence and wise caution to hold our NE in reserve

lol'd at this. Overall, great stuff and I respect ya (cept when you backed BA : P) However, I feel that this is the exact argument that TUP would make...and then be lambasted for it...

Huey George
Huey George Day 1,846, 10:34

Thank you Bohemond4, I've got a lot of respect for you too.

I can't argue with you, It's a similar argument that TUP would make and then most likely be lambasted for it...however I'd can say neither I or any member of the Workers' Rights Party would have been responsible for the lambasting.

My humble opinion is I just think the UK citizenship just felt that opportunities for direct conflict would be more frequent under a BA (UKPP/New Era/WRP) government rather than CD (TUP/UKRP).

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Day 1,846, 15:01

...however I'd can say neither I or any member of the Workers' Rights Party would have been responsible for the lambasting.

True that, WRP are a very positive party and nobody can say anything different if they are honest.

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