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[WRP] - A party for you

Day 2,037, 10:33 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Huey George

Two reasons for this article. Firstly to thank all Workers' Rights Party members who cast their votes for me in the elections for the party presidency. I'm honoured to once again be responsible for the stewardship of the party. Secondly and hence why the article is in the "First Steps" category to introduce newer citizens to the Workers' Rights Party and ask you to consider joining.

Our ethos

The Workers' Rights Party want to make sure the eUK is full of dedicated active and well-informed citizens supported by their government. We want as many citizens as possible to have a say in how the country is run. We trust the people tempered by prudence, this separates us from a lot of the other parties of the eUK who dis-trust the people tempered by fear. At the heart of our party is fairness, free-thinking and creativity.

How the party works

It starts with our Party members The heart of the party

In the WRP, all strategy and policies are discussed with the party members and decided by the majority.

Existing party members also guide and advise new party members, we've got a great, helpful and friendly party community. There are no "orders", no established "rules" and no "judgement" just an environment to freely share ideas.

The rights of the individual aren't put to one side for the majority or the rights of the majority aren't placed second to the promotion of individuals. The WRP feel if you can listen to and address the needs of the individual to treat everyone fairly and with respect; the needs of the eUK, our agreements and international relationships can be fulfilled and satisfied together as a united fair society.


Our party is managed by a "Leadership" Council which facilitates the business of the party. They also ensure all members views and opinions are valued and respected. The WRP, also respects our "silent majority" our group who do not express their opinions publicly however still have made the choice to join us based on our shared ideals.

Current council

Our current Party President is, Huey George

In the WRP the Party President forms overall party strategy, maintains and enhances the party's reputation, managing party communication, encourages recruitment and develops party policy with the party members. They also keep informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

Our current Vice President, Habeeb Baig

In the WRP the Vice President supports the Party President in forming overall party strategy, maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation, managing party communication, encouraging recruitment and developing party policy with the party members. They also keep informed regarding the political situation of the eUK including any foreign politics which may affect the eUK.

Our current Secretary General, Jamie2721

In the WRP the Secretary General promotes recruitment policies and ensures the general morale and spirit of the party is high. An independent check that the Party President and Vice President are meeting the expectations of our party members.

Our current Councillor, James Warren

In the WRP, the Councillor supports the party president in deciding the policy which guides of the party and keeping the PP informed regarding the current political climate of the eUK.

Our current Spokesman, FightAndProduce

In the WRP the Spokesman supports the Party President in representing the party via the media to let the citizens of the eUK know what the party stands and the party's views on the state of the eUK. They would also support the Party President and Vice President in maintaining and enhancing the party's reputation.

Some of our goals as a party
Increase transparency from our elected officials. Answerable to the electorate who they must strive to represent

Improved the economy of the eUK leading to higher wages for all and better prices for goods. More for the hard worker.

Continue supporting the publication of in-game media/newspapers to ensure to remains more active and inclusive. Well written and good articles recognized. More informed citizens

Improve in-game media/newspapers so it becomes a better forum for debate, using it for wider consultation and referendum to form policy. An inclusive and fairer society.

Ensure all UK citizens have a fair chance to voice their opinions and are respected Let's be a free society without fear, every citizen has a view and listening costs nothing

Ensure the eUK remains a fun and inclusive society. It’s what we all are here for!

Continue to be respectful and co-operative with all political parties in the UK All parties want to make the eUK a better place, so let's work together when our polices on "how to do so" agree and respectfully debate when they don't

How can you help?

Join the Workers’ Rights Party – Together we can work towards our common goals

Read, comment on and vote articles published in the media via in-game newspaper more often.

Play independently and think, don’t measure your loyalty on the amount of weapons and energy you are supplied with.

Enjoy the experience! Think about how you can enhance others experience in the new world...

Who are the Free British Irregulars?

The Free British Irregulars, fights for freedom, fairness and justice, we fight for the United Kingdom and her allies. Although the proud fighting arm of the Workers' Rights Party we will accept any man or woman who uphold our ideals.

We are a open, creative and progressive military unit, with every solider free to follow their own path and find their destiny in aid of the eUK.

The Free British Irregulars supply:

Weekly supply of 25 Q6 Weapons and other weapon supplies to help build rockets if required.
Weekly supply of 250 Q5 Food
Extra supplies to complete missions and mercenary medals
Reward supplies for leveling up your military rank or experience level
Stability, direction and a strong chain of command
A unique competition which rewards soldiers of all levels for their hard work and fine fighting.

Consider Enlisting today!

Thanks for reading

Huey George
Owner, Press Director and Editor of The Daily eWorker
Party President of The Workers' Rights Party
Owner of 462-477 Engineering, Industrial, Manufacturing and Agricultural Concerns
Commander of the Free British Irregulars Military Unit
Member of Congress(Parliament)
Former Minster of Foreign Affairs
Speaker of the House


Robalbinio Day 2,037, 15:31

Good luck Huey, I like how your VPP does stuff, mine just sits there and looks pretty average

Jamie2721 Day 2,037, 15:41

Would be harder for Huey to stop him doing stuff 😛

Huey George
Huey George Day 2,037, 22:48

Thank you, Robalbinio Yes, Habeeb is a fantastic vice Party President to have. \o/

Peter Lester
Peter Lester Day 2,041, 14:46

Oh you 😛

Draconius Nightwatch
Draconius Nightwatch Day 2,037, 23:01

-Waves- I joined and I would like tot discuss stuff with other members, Par Habeeb I've had a friend add and that's pretty much it

Jamie2721 Day 2,038, 02:35

do you use irc?

Draconius Nightwatch
Draconius Nightwatch Day 2,038, 05:30

I generally do

Peter Lester
Peter Lester Day 2,038, 09:22

join #wrp on rizon, get access to the wrp forums, and if you want, I can let you edit some pages on the site. Also, because you are an awesome strategist (dude's a pro, jamie, huey), you can help us write our military policy!

Lots to do around here 🙂

Peter Lester
Peter Lester Day 2,038, 09:26

Great article!

In the process of writing a policy (finally) 😛

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