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[Wold] Running for CP~

Day 1,961, 11:14 Published in Japan Japan by Kazami Yuuka

Hello once again people of eJapan.

For this upcoming election I intend to be the opposition again even thought I still know I won't win~ I guess there is no need for an introduction since most know who I am by either feeling hatred/love/neutral about me.
So, on to the matter at hand:

Aside from not bother much with all aspects of running this country I will put an end to this training war, because Training wars are basicly just easy mode.

Instead I will give you something slightly more enjoyable, NE murica! We shall slaughter these muricans like pigs and conquer their lands as the rightfully owner!

You see, it's getting boring and we need even more action so I want to play this game as it supposedly should be done~

I want to play a game..

Now fellow nipponmen! Let's unite to conquer what is rightfully ours! Death to murica!

Some very nice regions you have there murica~

and to conclude this picture madness and fun time I'll leave you with this:

Have a "fun" election as usual and live on.

Hizaya Wold


EdwarNewgate Day 1,961, 11:19

first o/

Boukun Suzaku
Boukun Suzaku Day 1,961, 11:19

voted for the second pic

Lonqu Day 1,961, 12:42

I lol'd. xD

Kristoph Woldskji
Kristoph Woldskji Day 1,961, 13:09


Eupasos Day 1,961, 13:09

Like, totally agree. Lets kick this into hard mode ! 😛

Ruben           Lagus
Ruben Lagus Day 1,961, 13:43


Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,961, 18:58

Wish this was a serious run.

Kazami Yuuka
Kazami Yuuka Day 1,962, 05:33

Silly ball, it's serious :3

Alfred Ball
Alfred Ball Day 1,962, 10:19

You have my vote then 😛

Arari Kara
Arari Kara Day 1,961, 19:51


Takeda Suzumu Day 1,962, 01:08

Comment deleted

ardishabutaro Day 1,962, 02:57

Good manifesto.

I will vote for you tomorrow. So your votes difference is not too much \o/

Aragaki Ayase
Aragaki Ayase Day 1,962, 05:37

Vote for Touhou

GrindingTruning Day 1,962, 05:43

Vote for pics

Myung Kei
Myung Kei Day 1,962, 09:06

Ripping off my monopoly board I see.

I've got my eyes + stash of monocles on you...

Emerick Day 1,962, 09:34

That's a platform I can get behind

Angelkovic Day 1,962, 10:53


Akki Day 1,963, 00:03

I voted for you out of pity.

Queen Diclonius
Queen Diclonius Day 1,963, 03:10

I voted for Hizaya. XD

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