[WO4CP] Cabinet

Day 2,601, 21:08 Published in USA Poland by Wild Owl

Hey America,

This article will be about the Cabinet that I have picked to help me and America, if I am elected to the position of PotUS. I am proud of the team that I have been able to assemble this month, and have full confidence that we will be able to do a stellar job as we move into 2015.

So, without any further ado, the cabinet:

Vice President: Tyler Bubblar

Tyler Bubblar is a two term President, ATO extraordinaire, and the current Party President of the Federalist Party. We have had a great working relationship for the better part of two years and I am glad to have someone with his political acumen on board.

Chief of Staff: Evry
Co-Chief of Staff: MMike

Queen of the Treasury, Evry, shall be assisting as Chief of Staff. Evry is an extremely organised individual who I believe will gel well with my plans for organised chaos. Mike has been in and around the PDBs for over a year, and like Evry, tends to be focused on the tasks at hand. I am honored to have these individuals with me.

Secretary of State: Derphoof

Alpha-pony Derphoof returns as Secretary of State to the fold. Derpy has a considerably large history of serving in eUS Foreign Affairs and will, I believe, be able to navigate the changes beautifully that will enable us to keep winning on the battlefields.

NSC Director: Kevin Sheridan

One of the newer players in my team, Kevin Sheridan, who has performed admirably as SoS this month shall be my NSC Director. Kevin brings freshness, high activity and a hard work ethic to this team.

Secretary of Defense: DMJohnston

One of America’s best Presidents in the past six months, DMJ shall be the Secretary of Defense. The USAF needs an injection of new life to increase its damage output and I believe that having someone who’s worked in it for a while will ensure that older players do not feel left out as newer ones make their way into the fold.

Secretary of Media: Tenshibo

Perennial Secretary of Swag, Tenshibo, joins us as the Secretary of Media. He promises to deliver us many entertaining WHPRs to keep all of us updated with the administration’s developments. It needs to be emphasized that I, myself, intend to be an active media President as well, and will be writing from my own paper to keep you all in the loop.

Secretary of Interior: Dave Gulya

Another newer face and dSoS this month, Dave Gulya intends to work to restore Interior to its former glory. I believe that Interior can do a lot better in its task of helping newer players and Dave and I have discussed several ideas to make this work.

Secretary of Education: Blande

Blande retains his position as the Secretary of Education. A tireless worker, who’s always working to improve the situation of newer players in our country, I am convinced that Blande will continue to do us proud in the coming month.

DHS: Cerb

America's lawyer dog, Cerb, shall be Director of Homeland Security. He'll sniff out trouble and ensure that our country's internal security stays intact for the coming month.

There is still time for new players aspiring to join the cabinet so send me a mail if you want to get involved. I hope that you find this team satisfactory and capable enough to receive your vote on the 5th of January.


Wild Owl