[WO4CP] A Platform

Day 2,596, 15:11 Published in USA Poland by Wild Owl

Hey America,

I’ve always been very clear on what I’d like to achieve as President, and I would like to outline some of my campaign goals in this article. As an individual and a statesman, I have always played this game with a winning mentality and you can expect that to continue. I have always believed this nation deserves the best and am fully prepared and equipped to go the distance to ensure that we continue excelling both internationally and in domestic affairs.

Military Affairs:

I will continue to look for ways to broaden the scope of NSC by looking to increase the participation of non-affiliated Military Units. Arm America, which has been sporadic throughout its history, will be opened at least twice a week, so that our soldiers can take the maximum possible benefit from this program. The USAF, which has been struggling for a while, will be starting a recruitment drive to bolster its ranks.

Foreign Affairs:

It has been largely due to our foreign affairs that we have avoided an invasion since the TWO attack on us in the summer of 2013. That being said, a lot needs to be done to ensure that this state of affairs continue. We will, of course, continue our membership in Pacifica and work hard to ensure that our member states continue to do well. There is no doubt that we, as a country, have taken a definite shift towards Asteria, since we signed the USA-Asteria NAP two months ago. The world is now, effectively, a unipolar world, similar to how it was with TWO and we have experienced serious domination by Asteria in the past few month. More and more Aurius countries are signing agreements, both officially and unofficially, with Asteria or its member states. However, relations with allies like Croatia and Turkey have always been of paramount importance to myself and I intend to work hard to keep them.

Domestic Affairs:

I intend to publish myself, via my own paper, at least twice a week, and my Secretary of Media will ensure that important issues are covered via the WHPR. Interior, which has been lacking recently, will be rejuvenated and Bewbs4Newbies will be restarted. I intend to have an article by both the Interior and Education Departments out in the ‘First Steps’ Media at all times. The Department of Education will also work to ensure that newer updates are covered by them, as well as having an active presence on IRC to be more receptive to newer players. Far too often, we have seen this department do little except publishing old guides and that has got to change.

In my next article, I intend to reveal the people who I have selected to help me and America achieve the goals that I have set out for our great country. If you’re a new player who wants to be involved, or an oldfag who wants to contribute in our government, please do not hesitate to send a PM my way, there is always place for Interns and Deputies in many of the Departments.

Until next time,
Wild Owl