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Day 627, 02:04 Published in Singapore Finland by Erius

[My apologies to my Finnish readers, this article is writen only in English. You can still read it and be part of this organization. Please take contact if you are interested.]

Greetings, people of eSingapore!

The day before yesterday i published an article about WLO and hopefully you know now something about our order. Our order is half military- and half religious organization and in previous article i told you something about that military part. Now i`m going to tell about our religion.

White Lion Order is build over the tewionism. In tewionism our god is Tewio, the Great White One and first of the living. Now i will tell you His legend...

Legend of the Tewio

It is said that the world born from the egg of swan, which was reformed by gods. Mother Earth let the forests grow and mountains rising sky-high and the Lord of the Sea command the water to gain the majority of the world.

The world was still unoccupied, and gods moved to their Pantheon, but there was still one deity who walked the earth. He was known as Tewio, the Great White One, and He went through the whole world many times, looking for His own place. Unlike many other gods, He hadn`t helped with the world's creation and He didn`t enjoy presence of the other gods – this is why He didn`t went to Pantheon with His brothers and sisters.

Tewio had taken the form of the big white lion in the world as soon as it was ready, and this form pleased the other gods. They created the world's first animal - a lion. Unfortunately, they found out that Tewio`s white color was due to His might and purity and - therefore, lions do not become white, because they were not nearly as powerful as their idol.

After lion gods create many other creature`s – including human. When Tewio saw human He was pleased – He decide to live amongst them and teach them. First men were scared because of Tewio`s lion form but soon they learned to respect this deity who helped them and teach them how to live a good and peaceful life.

Tewio is strongest deity of all. He show`s us the vision of the better world

But the human nature is volatile. Most of the human race were scattered to tribes and some of them were jelous to others who were wealthier than them – those tribes tried to rob others richest. Because human race was scattered all over the world there were few tribes which were under the eyes of Tewio. Tribes who were under His protection got attacked by other tribes. Soon tribes wage war after war to every tribe they met and there was pure chaos in the world.

Even if we wont see Him, Tewio is still there and watch us

Tewio was shocked by this kind of barbaric actions. His tribes were not ready to face the threat like this. They were soon outnumbered and forced to flee. Tewio decided that this kind of future for mankind wasn`t what He hoped. He teach his followers art of war and soon they march to war Tewio as their leader. Tewio decided to unite tribes under one flag so that there wont be war anymore.

The war that raged was terrifying and bloody. Tewio and His forces gained victory after victory conquering other tribes. Soon they had conquered a huge kingdom under the wise and immortal Tewio and every men followed Him and obeyd Him as their spiritual leader.

Tewio in His war aspect

Other gods had watched the war and chaos that raged in world and they had become jelous to Tewio, which had been crowned as a only god over the world. This made some god angry because Tewio would get even stronger when His followers numbers increase. They decided to stop Tewio before He would be too powerfull to stop.

Gods invited Tewio to their Panthein and then attacked togeter against Him. Many lesser deity was striked down by Tewio and many powerfull god get wounded. Tewio was very powerfull opponent and it was close that other gods would fall against Him but together they success to strike Him down.

Tewio was forced to leave His physical form. Other gods denied His spirit to enter Pantheon so Tewio was forced to wander all over the world without physical form. But this wasn`t His end...


Our members believe that the Tewios spirit can be transferred into another host, an especially gifted, charismatic and saintly individual which has enough power to hold Tewios holy power inside him.

We believe that the Tewios near-death at the hands of other gods allowed Him to break the final bonds between the crude matter of corporeality and ascend to assume His true nature as a deity. His spirit wanders the void, travelling as a whisper in the world, flitting from place to place and perhaps even through time. We await the day that He shall be reborn and lead his people onwards in the continuation of the war He started earlier. There have been many attempts to create a body suitable for such an important ritual, but so far none have succeeded. White Lion Order and tewionist`s have to wait till Tewio is ready to reincarnate and lead his people to victory.

Soldiers of WLO marching to war


There are simple hierarchy in our order. Most decicions are made together with our members but there are three truly respected members who are above everyone else. First there is High Priest, member who is in favour of Tewio. His duty is to decode words of Tewio so that our order can act as our White Father want. He/she is also a representative of WLO and spiritual leader of our order. In this term it is me who has been elected to this office.

Then there is GT, Guardian of the Treasure, who`s mission is to guard our gold`s and it is he/she who will give permission to our order to yuse gold from our org. Without his/her permission it is illegal to transfer gold from our org. In this term Tuukka_Almighty is in this office.

Third person is GI, Grand Inquisitor who lead our forces to war. He/she is organizer and tactician who take his/her command from High Priest and GT or from goverment of Singapore. He/she will deliver orders to our troops, share weapons and tickets and give orders when it is time to strike and where. In this term ReijoRitari hold`s this office.

Our members are divide to two groups. First and largest group is called philosophers. They are those who have joined our ranks because they seek answers or the eTruth. They are not touched by the light of Tewio but after they have prooved their strenght and believe then they will become true members of our order – they become tewionist`s.

Tewionist`s are true believers and Tewio has granted them with a strenght and knowledge. They are those who form our military unit because of their strenght. They have touched by Tewios powers and maybe someday one of them will have honour to be reincarnation of Tewio. That`s what every single tewionist hopes and they fight and train themselves so that they would become strong enough to stand purity of our White Father inside them. (To become tewionist member needs to have strenght higher than 10 and rank better than captain)

White Lion Order is recruiting

Our order chose Singapore as a place to build our organization. We are willing to start it right now and so we welcome singaporeans to our order if they will so. If you have feeling that Tewio has something to offer you or you have been touched by his light then you just need to send application. You can briefly write it and send it to me or our GI (ReijoRitari) or GT (Tuukka_Almighty).

We are willing to bring wealthy and richest to Singapore and maybe some respect from other countries – that`s why are organized our forces to fight in the world. We hope that our religion – tewionism – will offer something to you, my fellow singaporeans.

Best regards;

~Erius, High Priest of the White Lion Order