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[WHPR] Now Entering the Home Stretch

Day 2,078, 23:13 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room

Dateline: Monday, July 29th (Day 2,078)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1) A war Report from Hale26
2) A CP election segment by Custer
3) A few words from the Editor Tyler Buublar

Tiiiime for your regularly scheduled dose of Government Propaganda !

Or, so it would be most days. As many of you have noticed, NSC orders earlier this weekend asked that all soldiers deploy to Serbia. Yes, I'm aware that the weekend is over and today is Monday. Just as aware I am that those orders, were a raging success.

Now, before I get into today's war report, I need to touch up on a few things. Mostly because these few things are rather tremendous. And that's not me talking gov propo here. That's me being dead 100% honest.

See, us and our friends are outdamaged. Granted, this is part of the cycles that are Erep. But we're outdamaged by at least 20%, or, 1 fifth of the world's total Damage. That's quite a bit. Not to mention, our strategy in the past was awful. CoT HQ was dead, eAmerica didn't organize themselves, we fought eachother, wasted damage on needless RWs....etc.

Thankfully, one of those two facts have changed. Simply put, we're doing tremendously better. CoT HQ is becoming more and more active, America is cooperating more on RWs with our allies, and you, the common fighter, are becoming more engaged. Not to mention, the Cabinet has put up a good show in recent days. ColinLantrip has greatly filled in for DMV and Samdoo has done awesome at the DoD orders. JCS Combat orders won us many a fight, as well.

Things are not perfect eAmerica. We still have much left to do in terms of strategy. But the gap can be filled.

You see a guy fighting in a useless RW? Shoot a PM and tell him to stop and hit elsewhere.

You don't know the orders and DoD is outdated?

Click this link [ ] and do a @home. NSC orders will be there in under 2 seconds.

We're known to the eworld for being a society divided. But, what the eworld doesn't know is that those divides can make us stronger. Our Allies are on the upswing; CoT is on the upswing; We, eAmerica, are on the upswing.

Time to prove TWO wrong, if only for another week.


Now that I'm done being ePatriotic and shtuff, time for a war report. We will today be examining the losses and movements carried out against Servia in recent days by the eUSA and her allies in three areas of the world; North America, S.W Europe and the Balkans.

North America

Going to our front on the war on Servia, all has went relatively well. Thanks to the Serbians being cut off from their resources, and us being very far away, we're not priority one. While our success in RWs has been unquestionable, lets be honest here, Serbia won't stay down forever. They've lost almost all their colonies, so mass RW attacks are becoming less effective. The Cabinet has, for that reason, decided to pass an NE on Serbia to speed up the process.

The first attack in Texas is going very well, as is the RW in insertregionnameherethatI'mtoolazytolookup. With Hungary busy for at least 2-3 more days, and Poland busy for a week, we should be safe from more NEs.

Goooo actually having land \o/

S.W Europe

Thanks to an NE by France on Serbia and several Italian RWs, S.W Europe is free of Serbia. Currently Italy has launched a failed offensive against Slovenia with an NE, which means the Slovenia will be auto-attacking them back in a bit. In a way, this has two upsides and no downsides. If Italy defends her regions, they get to attack Slovenia again. If not, Slovenia takes a formerly Serbian region. Hence, Slovenia would have to give it back to Serbia if it was important. This means that the Serbians would take longer to reestablish themselves in S.W Europe.

So basically, even if Italy loses, it wins. Nice to hear that every now and then, isn't it?

In terms of France...well, they're a little screwed. Poland just NEd them for their bravery against Servia. On the upside, they just had a BB. And it seems as if we will be resigning our MPP with them. So...yes, France is in for pain. But, they're far from out of it.

(Btw, if you feel like donating to the French BB, PM the French CP~ . If you say WHPR sent you, +5 points)


This area is, as always, the center of Serbia's fighting. This area of the world is now where the most strategy to contain Serbia is being carried out. While Serbia is very, very much stronger than us and our allies, we're doing all we can to keep them away from extra bonuses as long as possible.

First thing to mention is that Bosnia, country of 1370, managed to take Western Serbia. Bragging aside, this territory was lost to the Serbians. Serbia has now enacted an NE against Bosnia, aiming to rewipe them.

In an effort to stop this, Croatia is currently attack Western Serbia. If they can take Western Serbia, then Serbia's NE on Bosnia ends. Bosnia won't be safe yet though; Montenegro has already taken one of their territories, and is aiming to take more.

Croatian forces now occupy both Serbia's Northernmost region, and, Belgrade. This has inflicted a major moral blow against the Serbian forces.


Serbia's traditional capital has had to be moved because of this. Also, Albania is currently warring with Belarus. Yes, Belarus has Air Struck another nation. While Belarus holds 2/3 of Albania's lands, we guarantee you that Albania will prevail. The chances of Belarus holding those regions...not too hot. While one understands the damage drain strategy (open up another front), this move has taken a lot of CC for Belarus

Unity or Free Election? It's Up To YOU, America!

George Armstrong Custer, Contributing Editor

With the Presidential Election coming up fast, candidates are lining up and publishing, and Parties are preparing to run Primaries. Top candidates are expected to be Dr Luis, Oblige and New Azazel.. and maybe, maybe not Dennis McVicker (RL stuff, he may re-enter the race if he gets things squared away).
As of today, Ajay/RGR's PTO Party (American Freedom Alliance NEW) is ranked #5, with the rebranded New Lunar Republic Party (the one PTO'd from Ajay in the last Party President election) in the 6th spot.

If we can move enough people to the New Lunar Republic Party in time to bump the AFA New out of the Top 5, then America will hold its first truly free and open election in God knows how friggin' long-- and we can kiss the Unity process goodbye.

However, if we don't bump the PTO Party out of the Top 5, the state of National Emergency continues, and by necessity there will be another-- yet modified-- Unity election.

"Modified," you say? "How so?"
Instead of the Party Primaries determining a single "Unity candidate", there will be two "safe candidates" on the ballot. This change to the Unity system is in response to America's feeling of being held hostage by the President, unable to Impeach him because the #2 candidate has been the PTO candidate.
At least this way, if we become truly dissatisfied with our choice for President, we will have the option of replacing him. Not the best scenario, but better than it has been.

Still sounds pretty convoluted, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be better to just have an open and free election, with Parties endorsing candidates and the people having a real choice come August 5th?
Well, it's up to you, America.

Move to the New Lunar Republic Party to bump the AFA New out of the Top 5.
Show that little weasel that America can kick his ass not only on Party President day, but we can keep him completely out of the Country President election as well.

Dear America,

The term for President Proteus is winding down. Realistically there's Time for two more editions of the WHPR. I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for reading this month. This has been my first Cabinet level position, and it's been a learning experience. Things are looking up America. It's been a rough go lately, but we have not given up or given in. It's been inspiring to see our underdog nation, and our underdog Alliance fight to rally back, work together to become more organized and coordinated. We're winning our states back, taking the fight to our enemies at home, and winding Unity down! Keep your heads up, and keep fighting!

Tyler Buublar SecMed

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Bucephalus92 Day 2,078, 23:42

Good article, odd choice of publishing time though, and honestly what does this "But, what the eworld doesn't know is that those divides can make us stronger" even mean? I'm not quite sure how being divided is a benefit to us but meh, maybe thats just me.

Hale26 Day 2,079, 06:50

Tyler can't into sleep, as an answer to your first comment. Oh, and I turned my segment in late. So yeah, this is mostly me xD. Not like the time is a bad thing.

Second, I said divides. As in, long standing gaps within our eSociety. When faced with a daunting challenge, divides can momentarily be put aside. That gives one more motivation to work at a task, because of the happiness they feel from the "rah-Rah-We're-Together" thing. Dislike can become a sudden burst of motivation.

Also, divides mean we all see things differently. I don't have to explain why that can be helpful.

Gdi buce, why do you make me have to explain my patriotic rah rah 😐

Bucephalus92 Day 2,079, 10:37

Clearly I misinterpreted what you were trying to say, it seemed to me like you were just making empty some empty platitude for the sake of making empty platitudes.

I have to make you explain things because your so god damn good at it Hale!

Ilies Daniel
Ilies Daniel Day 2,078, 23:46


Sei Kaoni
Sei Kaoni Day 2,079, 00:23

I like this sentence the most
😃 hahaha

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,079, 00:31

::: Shout It! :::

[WHPR] Now Entering the Home Stretch
War Report; Change Parties; Patriotic Rah-Rah!

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,079, 00:46

More Will Ferrell!!!!!

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,079, 02:09

I'll deliver on that in our last 2 editions

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 2,079, 02:18

Good man, good man

RaccoonGoon Day 2,079, 02:50


Also, good job this term, Tyler, Custer, and Hale.

morinnedang Day 2,079, 02:53

Heil USA
Heil Italy
Heil France

crashthompson. Day 2,079, 04:52


Nothing else to add.

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 2,079, 11:53

Voted, sent 1 gold to France.

Dalan Di Celes
Dalan Di Celes Day 2,079, 11:54

Btw, still waiting on my +5 points.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,079, 14:35


10-Term Congressman multiple term Top 5 PP and former WH Chief of Staff Dr. Walter Bishop is a threat?

George Armstrong Custer
George Armstrong Custer Day 2,079, 16:45

representing you and the AFA New, yes.

Thedillpickl Day 2,079, 17:25

Chickensguys is no threat to anyone except himself.

ElvenCRO Day 2,079, 18:04

hell yeah !

chickensguys Day 2,080, 20:42

I love how all the Political Parties are publicly defying this article. Nice!

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