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[WHPR] eUSA Joins CoT as Full Member

Day 1,970, 12:53 Published in USA USA by James S. Brady Press Room
White House Press Report – Day 1,970: The CoT Vote is in!

President Vanek depicted here rallying American troops

Dateline: Friday, April 12th (Day 1,970)
Location: James S. Brady Press Room, The White House

Today’s WHPR
1. The United States is Now a Full CoT Member
2. #Voting early, #Voting often
3. War Report
4. Webcomic of the Day

eUS Accepted Into CoT!
Deputy Secretary of State NewAzazel

Today Circle of Trust held a summit to decide our future in the alliance. While there has been a lot of speculation, discussion, and debate over what was going to occur, we are happy to announce that the eUnited States has been accepted as a full member of Circle of Trust. We would first like to thank those who voted for our acceptance, CoT HQ for holding the summit, and the work, patience, and efforts of the American people and legislature for giving us the chance to pursue this course. While there are some that remain skeptical of our involvement in CoT, we have gained new allies and friends and are working towards creating a better world for ourselves and our allies and brothers in CoT. Our trial period was not perfect, but we overcame the challenges and obstacles and worked hard to remain close and honest with Circle of Trust members.

We returned to our old allies in Chile and Bulgaria, we now stand with Macedonia and Mexico as a friend instead of against as an adversary, we organized peace and security alongside South Korea and Japan, and we stand with a host of new allies from South America, Europe, and Asia. Circle of Trust took a gamble on us as much as we took a gamble on them, and we thank them for continuing to stand with us. We want to reiterate that our full entrance into the alliance does not change our stance against TWO, and more specifically, Serbia. Serbia openly supports a PTO against our nation, something that cannot be ignored, forgiven, or forgotten. We continue to oppose TWO, as we did not join CoT to support those with desires and ambitions inherently opposed to our well-being.

This is just one more step, there is still a long journey ahead of us. With full membership comes new responsibility and accountability to our allies, as well as a voice among the other member nations. There are going to be issues and challenges in the future that we must face together, and we will do our best to be supportive and fruitful with our representation. Once again we thank all parties involved, domestic and international, and look forward to our joint ventures.

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood State Department

In addition, we present a message from Circle of Trust Headquarters on our acceptance into the alliance. Please join me in welcoming Stoich, SC of CoT:

Greetings citizens of eUSA,

On behalf of CoT and it’s member countries I would like to congratulate you with your full membership. Not that it matters whether you’re part of it or not, of some virtual pixel alliance in an internet game, but because part of the charm, of this otherwise pretty lame game, is exactly the in-character play. Something we often forget and instead focus on the hate module.

In many regards this changes little, still in one very important regard it does. You’re now able to participate directly in the decision making processes within the alliance and I hope this will make even the staunch pessimists among you to have the irk to see if CoT is really all that. Only one way to find out, jump in and jump deep.

Future is always uncertain, but it is better that way, hope that we can change the status quo in this game and have fun along the way. Cheers and welcome to the different alliance.

Be different, be yourselves!

SC of Cot

#Voting Early, #Voting Often
Secretary of the Media Paul Proteus

ATO wants you!

#voting, it's the right thing to do

As many of you fellow eAmericans know (unless you've been living under a rock), America is constantly under threat from a foreign PTO (A hostile Political Take Over for the uninitiated) manifesting itself in the AFA. Now, noble Americans, this is where you come in, because America needs you! On the 15th before you vote in Party President elections, join #voting on IRC to make your vote count! And this applies to all eAmericans no matter what party you're in, or how cool you think you are~

Why does ATO need my Vote?

To make sure your vote more effective, at any time your party could become a lock while other parties are still in danger. Or we may need your vote to try a counter take over of a rising PTO party (for example, last month in the Shoe Party). With maximum coordination we can deal the AFA a blow where it hurts, and in the process save America.

I want to Save America! What do I do?

Simple really,
-On the 15th, Join IRC
-Join #voting
-Ask for instructions

Carry on American heroes~

The War Report
Freelance Writer Hale26

The T is silent

Good news team ~ We won Baja.

As Vanek explained in his personal press release, we're currently in a quick 7 day TW with Mexico. Meeting all expectations, Baja has been taken into eAmerican hands as part of this agreement. I'm sure everyone was just a bit happier this morning when we returned to 16 tank production values 😉.

Moving on to some more serious e-war, we take a look at the progress our ally Bulgaria has made over recent days. Bulgaria, coming back from the point of near expulsion from the Arabian Peninsula, has left Greece with only 1 arab colony. Additionally, Bulgarian forces have freed almost their entire homeland from Romanian occupation while holding Bucharest, granting them a 20% weapons bonus.

On the topic of overhwhelming success, we'd like to congratulate eMacedonia as well for their progress against eGreece. Following some minor empire tweaking VIA the successful wipe of Iran, Macedonia has been busy chopping up the Greek mainland. In only 2 days, 50% of eGreece's bonuses were lost thanks to 2 Macedonian assaults.

Ending off the short war update, you may have noticed that eSerbia's gold mine has run dry. The downside to this is that our PTOers will have much more fodder for their efforts against us. The mostly unrelated bright side of all this, however, is that eSerbia has been crushed.

eAlbania has been liberated, eIsrael is back on the map, Aquitaine was freed, eBosnia and eCroatia are back on the map, Serbia may lose connections with Italy and France..etc

In summary- Best stock up on Popcorn and Bullets America. Both (especially the former) will be in high demand soon enough.

Yellow= Macedonian Assault. Black= Bulgarian Assault.

Web-Comic of the Day

And (drumroll please), Friday’s webcomic of the day comes from the excellent SMBC, enjoy~

The eNPR Schedule:
eNPR Oval Office Radio airs live every Tuesday and Friday night, at 18:00 eRep (9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific).

eNPR will be live Tuesdays and Fridays at 18:00 with your host, Dr Luis

If you miss any live radio show, you can listen at your leisure, at eNPR Oval Office Radio.

Recommended Reading:

Dept of Education: [DoE] Library of Informative Links
This is the complete and comprehensive list of all resources available to US players.
Dept of Interior: [DoI] Free Stuff for America
Free stuff, fairly self explanatory
WHPR: [WHPR] Civil Service Job Fair
Want a job working in Civil Service? Click here!

Media Around the Net
Some compiled media for your viewing pleasure:

Government Articles
-Civil Service Job Fair
-DoI: Political Parties Give America Free Stuff

Party Updates
-AMP PP Candidate Summary
-Fed PP Candidate Summary

-A Wild Former President Blank Keating appeared
-Pfeiffer's still chasing after Fingerguns

On the Forums
-A thread on citizenship requests
-Oh look, Publius probably isn't running for President.
-And the current Forum thread on the airstrike

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WHPR: Day 1970
Breaking News: America Accepted Into CoT

Paul Proteus, Secretary of Media
“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
-Kurt Vonnegut

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omg_87 Day 1,970, 12:55

Hodor !

ilphen Day 1,970, 16:21


Unimaginative1 Day 1,970, 17:42


Francisco Ferrer Guardia Day 1,970, 18:54

Comment deleted

Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,970, 19:07

Comment deleted

Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,970, 19:07

Comment deleted

Patuljak75 Day 1,971, 16:11

You're the new female dog my dear : D

Mete Arhan Day 1,971, 17:41

Comment deleted

Rican Day 1,970, 12:59


Voting for Kurt Vonnegut

Strength and Honour ?

DMV3 Day 1,970, 21:48

Comment deleted

Derphoof Day 1,970, 13:04


This pleases me.

Derphoof Day 1,970, 13:09

Apparently the link is broken...

Anyways, it still pleases me

BeachBunny Day 1,970, 13:04


Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 1,970, 13:05


Glad CoT has balls : - )

Cubby Day 1,970, 13:05

Reserved for Pacifica.

klop123 Day 1,970, 13:09

Now make it CoT v.s TWO!

Rona1d Day 1,970, 15:00

come at me bro, there is not balls enough to do that, 😛

klop123 Day 1,970, 16:56

Agreed there good sir : P

Patuljak75 Day 1,971, 16:14

Who are you to decide? \: D/

Arfan-Khan Day 1,970, 13:09


Ely.nea Day 1,970, 13:11

Welcome in CoT.

Kemal Ergenekon Day 1,970, 13:18

Comment deleted

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,970, 13:18

Yay , I guess

DanielEsp Day 1,970, 13:19

I'm glad to read that xD

Voted o/

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 1,970, 13:22

Good article , voted!

Welcome to CoT btw...

United Macedonians
United Macedonians Day 1,970, 13:27


Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,970, 13:29


Zhonga Day 1,970, 13:29


Welcome to CoT

Ante General
Ante General Day 1,970, 13:39

Circle of Turds

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 1,970, 20:09

Its Circle of 'Twats', show some respect! Stop being a butthurt EDENite

Binda33 Day 1,971, 05:45

When I think of the name "Circle of trust" I think of several guys playing Soggy Biscuit...

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,971, 08:53

Funny, when I think of eAustralia I think of...

Binda33 Day 1,971, 09:23

*passes Paul a fresh biscuit* go play with your new friends mate

Capitan General Smilodon
Capitan General Smilodon Day 1,972, 05:53

Circle of Traitors

Arrden Day 1,970, 13:52


biaxident Day 1,970, 13:58

not sure if I like this<.<

Tenshou Day 1,970, 14:00

Good bye CoT.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,970, 14:03

Foreign PTO?

Because ElvenCro's croats, the FsH group that PTO'd South Korea, INCI(when they were here in large #'s), and all your other foreigners are okay because they support you? Yeah, OKAY....

I was born in the USA in real life and eRepublik.

More American than you will EVER be.

AlexJ1890 Day 1,970, 15:38

Because real life matters in this game...

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,970, 15:44

according to your crew, ya

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,970, 15:47

because the AFA ignores eUS government and laws regarding immigration, making them a hostile attempt at a takeover, simple really

LordRahl2 Day 1,971, 07:45

Ajay (RGR): The party is in decline. Your policies have failed. Why do you believe people should follow your elitist vision from failure to failure?

Why are you afraid to debate me?

AlexJ1890 Day 1,970, 15:56

According to my crew? The only person pulling rl into this game is you with your trbl articles talking about how god supports the AFA. Like god would support a group in a browser game. (if he/she exists) lol

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Day 1,970, 16:14

dude when will get the message, NO ONE gives a flying **** about what u think. You have ruined your image in this game several times over and have no chance to redeem yourself. So if you really are "More American than you will EVER be" than do what americans are best known for. Making the country a better place, not sabotaging it cause u cant win a election and dont like the other guy for winning.

Stolch Day 1,970, 18:07

you're wrong there sir, he never had an image to begin with.....

Kody5. Day 1,970, 19:47

do you always have to bitch?

Number11 Day 1,971, 03:27

You are liar,you are from Finland not rl USA citizen

Dtoxic Day 1,970, 14:28

FAIL as always

Kauna Day 1,970, 14:38

I am very happy to see this. With the liberation of Japan and South Korea USA showed high level of dedication and I was eager to see you becoming part of the family. Still, I would like to mention that AFA is an international group with not only Serbian, but also Greek, Albanian and other members and congressmen. Anyway, welcome to CoT!

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

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