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White House Press Release - Erepublik Day 3,890
Sunday Weekly Edition

Today's WHPR News:
• Mass Strikes Are a YUGE SUCCESS
• Game Mechanics Rule Us All:
- Capital Cities - Why They Are Where They Are and How to Relocate Them
- What is a Training War
- Determination Reset
• eUSA Pets feature

I'm glad I waited a day to finish this issue of the WHPR. It means I get to do it while watching the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. What could be more American? Nothing.

Mass Strikes Are a YUGE SUCCESS

Apparently the mass strikes have become a thing. At least they did this past Saturday when the eUSA hit Lithuania in Alabama and the battle developed into a full fake epic. Check this out:

As if the mass strikes alone weren't enough, now there's the potential for fake epics to break out. Remember, these strikes are designed as team building exercises first and foremost, not necessarily as war-determining battles where a metric asston of damage is deposited. Apparently that's what people wanted on Saturday, though, and those in D4 that could participate certainly appreciated the extra PP. It was interesting to see who was hitting where, too... but I'm not going to name names or countries in this paper.

So join in the fun! Mass strikes occur three times a week:

Wednesdays at 900 eRep time
Thursdays at 1200 eRep time
Saturdays at 1500 eRep time

You never know when a fake epic will break out!

Game Mechanics Rule Us All

Regular readers might have noticed that the WHPR has taken on a predictable format. Sundays are for Mass Strikes and a bit o' educational topics; Thursdays contain more Mass Strikes plus a nifty interview with an interesting (read: BORING) eRepublik nerd. Sense a theme? Yeah, mundane articles on education and interviews, right? RIGHT? Occasionally we'll throw in a promo of some cool government program like Feynmann's Flying Ace program.

Whoops, I left out the Pets of the eUSA Feature. That's the best part of the paper, imo. Better than the comics.

Here are some interesting rules topics that you might not have considered:

Capital Cities - Why They Are Where They Are and How to Relocate Them

Capitals in eRepublik are crazy and bear no semblance to their real life counterparts. Why is this? Because wars have been raging across the New World for a decade, countries have learned to adjust and adapt. Capitals have been overrun regularly yet governments still require a place to operate and do their thing. Fortunately Plato has determined that Capitals are not large collections of buildings and monuments but rather just a simple game mechanic. ***Phew*** thank you, Plato.

Capitals are defined as the primary (main) region of a country, and usually also contains the highest number of visitors.

Wait. What? This actually makes sense when you consider how it can move: if the capital of a country is conquered the new capital will be the region with the highest number of visitors (i.e., citizens) belonging to the defending country. OK that makes sense. So your capital gets overrun and conquered and it simply moves to the next most populous region. What about when you have no capital, like the eUSA? ::sadface::

The first region freed via Resistance War will be the new capital. So all you geography nerds out there remain hopeful! Perhaps we'll negotiate a peace in which we can free Washington D.C. first. Or maybe not and my dreams of Indiana being the rightful capital of the eUSA can come true.

Training Wars

In short, a Training War is a War Game. A War which is not serious. Training wars are usually fought between allies with the weaker ally attacking the stronger so no territory is conquered. Training Wars are used for citizens to gain experience without travel as well as to provide a means for earning medal gold.

Determination and Determination Reset

Conquered regions accrue a bonus that will be given to those fighting to free the region in a Resistance War. The longer a region is held by an occupier, the more Determination increases. It is not a linear gain, and starts of with slow increases and begins to increase in greater amounts after Day 50 of occupation. The bonus only multiplies influence and does not impact damage or rank points. Because of this influence against the opposing (read: occupying) side will be bigger but the damage for True Patriot or Battle Hero medals will not increase. Bombs, rockets, and guerilla fights are not impacted by the Determination Bonus. Damage boosters and bazookas are.

Once a region is liberated, Determination decreases. If a former occupier attempts to re-conquer the region before the Determination reaches zero the defender will still receive whatever Determination Bonus remains. Determination decreases rapidly and will not linger longer than 14 days after liberation.

Releasing a region via RW and reconquering it a few days later is known as Determination Reset.

Resources for further reading:

Capital Cities:
1. http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Capital_(political)

Training Wars:
1. https://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/One:War_Games (Archived entry, historical)

Determination Reset:
1. http://wiki.erepublik.com/index.php/Determination
2. https://forum.erepublik.com/index.php?/topic/1817-empires-determination-updated/?hl=determination

Pets of the eUSA Feature

Meet Morrigan.

Morrigan owns our own Melissa Rose. According to Morrigan, she adopted MR when she was only 3 months old. Her previous human subservients were a really cool couple.

Morrigan says one of her parents was a chocolate lap and the other was a pit bull. She doesn't remember which was which. She did say that she almost never barks and likes to be very silly and an all-around awesome dog.

Glamour shot:

Thank you Melissa Rose for sending us pics of Morrigan upon her command.

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See you all on Thursday.

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